Servicing a washing machine

Servicing a washing machine. A washing machine is one of those things that makes life really easy.

Who wouldn’t want to wash their clothes without having to manually scrub them down? This technology is used by many, so it’s not surprising.

The great thing about these machines is they’re built to last you don’t need to worry about replacing them every so often; however, there are certain things you can do in order to prolong their lives.

One such way is through proper maintenance. By that, we mean keeping up with regular washing machine servicing, which will enable these machines to continue running smoothly for years on end.

Actually, my favorite part of doing laundry in the past was opening up a slightly mildewed pair of pants and finding an ancient sock in amongst the folds.

Servicing a washing machine

servicing a washing machine

Here are some tips for getting your washing machine serviced that will help you get the most out of your investment.

Getting Deeply Cleaned

Sometimes even the best-made washing machines will start to show wear and tear with time.

If you find that your clothes are coming out dirtier than usual, it may be time for a deep clean.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive or strongest machine cleaner in order to get your machine cleaned properly again just make sure that you pick one tailored towards washing machines as any dishwasher detergent could damage the parts of your appliance.

Make sure the detergent and fabric softener dispensers are clean

Separate detergent and fabric softener containers are found in automatic washing machines. However, due to prolonged use of these dispensers or not cleaning them regularly, a build-up of residue can occur.

This residue feels grimy to touch and the detergent or softener often stays in the container rather than going directly into the tub.

This contamination affects your machine performance which ultimately affects your clothes by not giving them a proper clean. You should always clean your dispenser regularly to avoid this problem.

Check your hoses regularly

To promote a healthy circulation of water across your machine, you must keep an eye on the hoses. Semi-automatic and automatic washing machines both come with three hoses, two to supply water and one to exhaust it.

Make sure both inlets are properly connected to your water source and also without cracks or leaks. This will prevent the wastage of water while you’re using it.

Also, check the condition of the drain hose from time to time by replacing it with a new one if you find any impurity building up inside it such as lint or micro fabric-particles to reduce any blockage chances.

A blocked drain can lead to other physical damages to the washing machine so it is better to have regular inspection even though it seems initially not necessary but go for proper consultation before taking any final decision.

Filter cleaning

Washing machines come with a filter similar to those seen in vacuum cleaners. The purpose of these filters is to remove dirt and other types of particles that come in contact with your clothes during the washing cycle.

These particles build up over time and require periodic cleaning to ensure that your machine continues to perform as it should without losing any efficiency.

For example, if you fail to keep these filters clean then they may develop hairline cracks over time.

Which can cause extensive damage to your washing machine when the water begins to leak from the cracks under pressure exerted by the agitator or pulsator (depending on model).

Hence, keeping them clean is important for prolonging the life of your washing machine.

Keep the door open

When you use a washing machine, be sure not to shut the door immediately afterward. Although it is a common belief that an open washing machine door can lead to the buildup of dust and dirt, as well as cause damage to your machine’s delicate components.

Leaving the door open for longer than 15 minutes will help remove all excess moisture in the tub and protect your delicate parts.

A good way to ensure there is no residual moisture inside is to wipe off any remaining drips with a thick dry towel after a span of 15-30 minutes post washing.

Select the Right Detergent

Selecting a good washing machine detergent is the best decision based on the quality of your clothes and budget, which differ from one household to the next.

Some prefer to use the detergents offered by manufacturers for washing smooth fabrics or towels, while others prefer to use standard all-purpose detergents for all wash cycles.

When it comes down to it, a good washing machine detergent must be less harsh and alkaline as this will damage both your clothing and the washer itself.

Therefore try and choose an option that works best with whatever washing needs you to possess.

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