Samsung refrigerator problems

Samsung refrigerator problems. Samsung’s line of household appliances has come a long, long way since it started so many years ago. Their refrigerators alone have an incredibly varied range of models available on the market today, and more often than not, they’re fairly affordable to boot.

However, there is some negative feedback that some customers share about some of Samsung’s refrigerators, and some of these issues may be legitimate and can sometimes be corrected with a touch-up from an expert technician.

Others may just be cases where some inexperienced users didn’t know how to utilize their appliances properly and had no idea how to maintain them or use their functions like defrosting or using the ice maker if applicable.

Samsung refrigerator problemssamsung refrigerator problems

If you’re trying to figure out what problems are most commonly caused by Samsung refrigerators, then you’re in the right place.

There are several issues that require your attention if you own this brand appliance.

Samsung is one of the most prestigious refrigeration brands out there, but users of their appliances have recently been reporting various issues with them.

Before buying a Samsung refrigerator, it’s vital to be aware of these problems so as to avoid inconvenience down the line.

The Samsung fridge does not cool

In some older Samsung refrigerators, consumers have experienced cooling failure for a variety of reasons. One common reason is frost buildup on the evaporator coils.

Another common reason for a broken Samsung refrigerator coolant leak or freezing is that the vaporizer fan freezes over. Other times the defrost heater is not working, causing freezer burn and moisture to freeze inside your refrigerator.

In addition, if you have a Samsung refrigerator without a defrost cycle, it may be because the defrost thermostat is defective. Here are the reasons why Samsung Refrigerators don’t cool

The evaporator coils are covered in front, and the evaporator fan is frosted. There is a problem with the temperature sensor or thermistor. The defrost thermostat has failed.

Ice Maker Not Making Iceice maker not making ice

There are some issues regarding the ice machine, which might be because it is not working according to the expectation.

The usual causes for this issue include a faulty water filter or low water pressure. However, sometimes, there is dust in the cavities of the ice maker. In this situation, you need to replace the water filter as soon as possible.

Temperature inconsistencies & food spoilage

The reason you’re having trouble with your Samsung fridge isn’t working properly is because of the temperature it’s producing. Many users have reported the same issues. Specifically, that food doesn’t last long enough inside a hot or cold environment.

A good indication that your thermostat is faulty/broken will be if there are noticeable fluctuations in temperature from cool to warm for no reason whatsoever.

When there are 0 fluctuations, but the temperature stills vary from cool to warm, it can mean your thermostat or air damper control needs servicing/replacing since they work together.

Yet another sign of a bad thermostat is if it’s not responding as well as it should to changes in temperature, which may often happen on older fridges.

To fix any faults with your thermostat and air damper control, you’ll want to check out a professional repairer who deals mainly with refrigeration appliances.

Samsung Refrigerator Doesn’t Defrostsamsung refrigerator doesn't defrost

Refrigerators that fail to defrost can cause serious harm if the food they hold is not properly refrigerated.

Some users have reported hearing a rattling sound that extends to an overpowering noise when they open their refrigerators, while others say nothing is happening at all.

This problem seems to be focused on certain models having specific features, including ice makers or interior lights, among others.

If your refrigerator’s defrosting device isn’t functioning properly, it could create unwanted buildup, which will, in turn, restrict airflow, causing your appliance to stop cooling correctly.

Use a multimeter to check whether the defrost heater generates enough heat to melt the ice buildup on the evaporator coils. It should be replaced if it does not.

Samsung’s French door refrigerators have problems

Samsung’s French door refrigerators have received a lot of negative reviews from users. One recent product that is not receiving excellent reviews is its french door refrigerators.

Many have reported that their refrigerator broke down after only about one year of being in use. Refrigerating units are known to run smoothly for many years.

So one would expect this appliance to function well for about 10 years before encountering malfunctioning issues for the first time.


Samsung refrigerator problems. In this guide, we have discussed the most common Samsung refrigerator problems. We will help you troubleshoot them and make sure that nothing gets lost in translation during that process.

No doubt that Samsung is one of the most reliable home appliances brands and has been for many years now. Many homeowners continue to purchase and enjoy using their Samsung refrigerators, but there does exist the possibility of them experiencing some problem or another with it over time.

You’ll need to contact an approved service person who can help you with your specific issue. We’re here to give you some advice on how best to deal with such things when they occur, however!

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