Samsung Microwave Troubleshooting

Samsung Microwave Troubleshooting. The Microwave and oven are the two primary means of cooking in the kitchen, but there is one more essential appliance that needs to find its way into your culinary space the microwave.

These handy machines save you time because they allow you to (quickly) cook pre-prepared meals or heat up fresh ingredients without much fuss at all.

But microwaves are not entirely simple machines – they can break easily. There are many different problems your microwave can experience during its lifetime and help figure out how to troubleshoot them we will explain some of the most common microwave repair issues that may arise.

Samsung Microwave Troubleshooting

In this article, we discuss how to troubleshoot some Samsung microwave problems.

Samsung Microwave Door Will Not Open


The handle actuator is a crucial component of the door’s locking mechanism. The handle actuator is attached to the door latch assembly, as well as the door open button which controls whether or not the vehicle’s doors unlock.

Since the handle actuator is often made of plastic, it can break easily through many years and miles of use.

If a handle actuator breaks while driving, it might prevent you from opening your doors or cause you difficulty in closing them.

A door hook comes with a door latch to keep the door closed during operation. While a plastic door hook may seem delicate and potentially breakable, it’s in place to get the job done namely so that the door can open and close correctly.

If the door hook breaks, you’ll know it because your dishwasher will stop functioning as intended and start leaking water everywhere instead.

If this occurs, you’ll be able to tell if your little plastic door hook is broken because don’t worry, replacing it is not very difficult at all.

Samsung Microwave Won’t Work

The thermal fuse disconnects power to your microwave if it gets too hot. If you have already tried unplugging and plugging back in the microwave, use a multimeter to check continuity.

If the fuse has no continuity, replace it. The thermal fuse cannot be reset once it has blown – the only way to continue using your microwave is by replacing the fuse.

The line fuse will blow if too much current passes through the microwave circuitry. If this occurs, the microwave won’t start.

To determine if the current on the end of the appliance is at fault, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If your fuse doesn’t have continuity, replace it.

In addition to resolving issues that cause fuses to blow in microwaves in the first place, you should investigate and resolve the problem that caused the fuse to blow in yours since replacing it without resolving root causes might mean that you’ll have to repeat this process again down the road when your replacement blows.

Samsung Microwave Will Not Heat

samsung microwave will not heat

The magnetron of a microwave uses high voltage, high current DC power to generate the frequency that cooks the food.

If the microwave stops emitting microwaves, it won’t properly cook your food anymore. The magnetron of a microwave is not repairable if the microwave has a burnt magnetron the only thing left to do is buy a new one.

Most microwaves have three or four-door switches. When the microwave door closes, the door switches actuate to ensure that the door is closed properly.

However, if any of the switches fail to operate, it may be prevented from heating at all as an indication that there has been a problem such as not having enough power in which case one might want to try using a multimeter in order to diagnose whether anything has malfunctioned.

And then repair it accordingly instead of just throwing it away because without any further inspection, there could be some long-term damage done and repairmen cost a lot.

Samsung Microwave Sparks Or Arcs

One of the rack supports might have some paint chipping on it. Ensure that there are no charred patches on the rack supports.

You should repaint any burned areas with microwave-safe paint if they have been burned. The rack support should be replaced if it is too damaged or appears to be burnt to be saved.

Waveguide covers may be damaged. Try removing it and turning the modem back on if it is.

Please replace the cover if the problem is fixed by removing the cover or if the cover is burned. If not, we will have to replace the wiring of the MoCA filter.

Samsung Microwave Troubleshooting

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