Samsung Microwave Display Not Working

Samsung Microwave Display Not Working. A Samsung microwave display is important for many different reasons. For one thing, it’s used to confirm that your Samsung microwave’s button-press commands have been entered into the appliance safely and correctly.

You can also use it to count downtime, show power level, and choose which preset function to use. Microwave displays are also a person’s main source of physical timekeeping in their daily lives.

This can be frustrating when the display stops working or becomes jumbled up and unreadable. Now and then, your microwave display might stop working properly.

If that happens, we’ve got some troubleshooting tips on how to fix it as quickly as possible without calling in a professional.

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This article discusses some problems with Samsung microwaves when the display does not work.

Verify The Power Supply

Another cause for the microwave display not working is if there is a faulty power supply. If your microwave’s rectifier tube malfunctions because of issues with the power supply, then it could lead to an apparent problem with the microwave oven’s display.

In order to quickly check if your microwave oven’s power supply is faulty, try plugging another appliance into that socket and turn it on for a few minutes to make sure everything’s ok.

This will help you find whether or not the issue lies with your microwave’s voltage regulator or some other problem exists with its screen.

Temperature And Monitor Fuse

If your microwave oven display screen is not working, be sure to check the temperature, as well as its monitor fuse. You may do so by referring to the user manual.

The fuses are built into every microwave model and brand but will typically be located in different areas. After powering down your appliance, you should be able to see the back panel with a few screws on it. Remove this and find the fuse using your product manual’s diagram for guidance.

Now that you’ve located it, you can figure out whether or not it needs changing.

If the fuse is reddish in color, then that means that it is blown and needs replacing. If there’s no red showing, then try replacing any burnt-out bulbs first and see if that solves anything before moving onto more drastic measures.

Main Control board Fault

The first possible reason for the microwave display not working could be a faulty main control board. If the main control board or circuit board is at fault, then one might face an issue of missing digits or lines.

You may begin to see these problems with the display of your microwave if a capacitor in the control panel has blown or perhaps there is a broken solder joint on the circuit board.

You need to fix this broken connection by soldering it back together again or by replacing it with another part if soldering is too complicated for you.

However, we recommend calling in a professional if you aren’t confident working with circuit boards or don’t have access to the right tools and equipment.


What is wrong with my microwave’s display?

If the microwave display is not working, the first possible reason could be a faulty circuit board. If it turns out to be a fault with the circuit board then there are a number of problems that could occur including numbers not appearing or digits disappearing randomly. This issue is usually caused by missing solder on a component or faulty capacitors.

How do you know if your Samsung microwave fuse has blown?

You can tell it’s time to replace your thermal fuse if the microwave is getting too hot to the touch or not turning on anymore. Multimeters can be used to check continuity.

Just connect one lead to the positive side of your power source and the other lead to the input of your thermal fuse.

If it has continuity, this means that there are no breaks in it which means it could be working. But don’t trust the multimeter alone you should get another microwave engineer to check it out before replacing anything.

Samsung Microwave Display Not Working

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