Samsung front load washer shakes violently during spin cycle

Your washing machine can be quite eccentric as it shakes, moves, and makes noise. It does this when a large, bulky item is placed inside or if there is too much laundry for the size of your drum.

The washing machine will also vibrate slightly at the beginning of a cycle as it senses its own weight in preparation for spinning.

Samsung front load washer shakes violently during spin cyclesamsung front load washer shakes violently during spin cycle 2022

Samsung front loader washers can shake excessively during spinning. Try checking the number of items inside your washer. An unbalanced load will shake excessively during the spin cycle. If you are washing one pair of jeans and nothing else, try adding a few additional small items to create a balanced load.

If your machine is overloaded, try removing a few items to create a balanced load instead of using only one pair of jeans alone.

Broken or worn shock absorbers

Sometimes the washer’s shock absorbers might need replacing. The shock absorbers can become worn out or brittle with time and cause a bad vibration in the machine, which isn’t good for the structure of your washer.

First, inspect to see if it is necessary by seeing if there are any loose parts of the machine that appear improperly aligned. If everything appears fine, but you still think you might want to replace them.

We agree it would be best to try to get new parts in case something goes wrong. There’s nothing worse than wondering about whether or not you should have spent a couple of extra bucks on getting new shock absorbers.

Counterbalance springs may be brokencounterbalance springs may be broken

The washer tub spring serves as resilience to balance out the movement of the tub. If a particular spring breaks, the tub might become unbalanced causing it to shake and vibrate during operation.

Inspect the washer tub springs to determine if any of those springs are broken or not. If a particular spring is broken, you need to replace it with the brand new one.

Aside from that, make sure to inspect where the springs are attached. Replacement of both parts should be done for safety reasons because rust might have worn it down already causing damages in case of sudden lifting or fall of the machine.

Defective Suspension Roddefective suspension rod

The suspension rods in your washer drum help to reduce any excess movement of the tub. If a suspension rod is broken, the drum will begin to shake or bounce.

In order to determine that a suspension rod needs exchanging, check inside of the drum for any loose or damaged parts and make sure none of them have frayed or are broken on either side.

If so, it’s time to replace that particular piece.

The snubber pad has worn out or is missing

The snubber pad is a washer accessory that mitigates vibration transmitted from the washer’s interior to its outer shell and allows the tub to move more freely.

If this part becomes damaged or declines in performance, it should be replaced as soon as possible to restore the washer operation to full capacity.

Faulty suspension spring

There might be a problem with the suspension springs. The suspension springs keep the washer tub from moving.

It can happen that the tub in a washing machine becomes imbalanced, making it shake and vibrate during operation. One must inspect its suspension springs to see if any are broken.

Should that actually be the case, replace them right away with new ones because otherwise, you might do harm to your laundry through excessive shaking and vibrations.

 Removing the shipping bolts removing the shipping bolts

Shipping bolts are installed on all front-loading washing machines, which must be removed before the washer can be used. Leaving these bolts on will cause your machine to shake, bounce, and vibrate when it is operating.

It is imperative that one eliminates the bolts before using their washer since they may cause harm or break something in the washing machine if left on.

In case you need to move your washing machine to another location at a later time, save these bolts just in case so you won’t have to spend unnecessary time looking for them.

The shock dampening system is broken

The shock-absorbing device helps to eliminate the bouncing and vibrations by absorbing it when the washing machine tub turns.

If the shock-absorbing device is broken, there may be a chance that it may tear or rip after some time passed. Inspect the shock-absorbing device to determine if it’s damaged in any way.

If the shock-absorbing device is damaged, you must replace it with a new one as soon as possible.

The leveling legs need to be adjusted

If the washer is not level, adjust the leveling legs accordingly. Once you have adjusted the legs to even out the washer’s height, lock them in place to ensure that they do not change height unexpectedly.

The tub wear pad is worn out or missing

The tub wear pad is important for washing machines to function normally. If the tub wear pad is not secured properly.

The washer will vibrate or shake during a wash cycle. Inspect the tub wear pad and remove any foreign debris caught in its surface before re-securing it on the machine.

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