Samsung dryer tripping breaker

Samsung dryer tripping breaker. Your circuit breakers can weaken over time. This can trip your breakers too often, even if the amperage draw of your home appliances is well below the limit.

If it is an electrical component you are having problems with, that might need to be replaced or fixed.

Sometimes, however, your circuit breakers will trip for a different and end up tripping because of something completely different.

Here are some common reasons why you might see a sudden surge in daily tripping from your circuit breaker and how to remedy them quickly:

Samsung dryer tripping breakerdryer tripping breaker

Here is an example of why your dryer keeps tripping your breaker. Most often a faulty wire or energy source might be the problem, but it would be wrong to assume it’s automatically one of these two things.

The most common reason for a clothes dryer tripping breaker is because of excessive use, most commonly with large family households who dry sheets and towels often or almost every day or week.

You should also remember that you aren’t supposed to operate the dryer if any sort of build-up develops inside the machine, like linting against the vent pipe outside. When this happens, it might give it as much power as needed causing the breaker to trip in turn.

Circuit Breakers are weak

Circuit breakers can become worn out over time. When this happens the breaker malfunctions and trips too early even when the current draw is below the limit.

If you’ve already checked that all of the potentially defective dryer components are in good working order and the problem persists, consider having an electrician replace or re-set your electrical circuit breaker.

Bad Bearings

When hot wires come into contact with a grounded conductor or surface, short circuits occur.

Overloading on a clothes dryer can be caused by excessive amounts of current drawn, which may not necessarily require the replacement of parts.

But instead can be fixed by relocating or rotating the dryer to let air circulate more efficiently between drying cycles.

Add additional exhaust hooks and/or insert vents in unheated areas. Bad bearings, bad motor windings, and a defective switch are the main causes of circuit breakers’ tripping.

Defective Heating Element

Sometimes, if the heating element fails, it causes an electrical short due to excess heat that builds up against a dryer’s housing.

Use a multimeter to test each terminal for continuity in which current passes from the case and can verify with a circuit tester that there is no damage to any wiring. The heating element must be replaced if it has continuity with the case.

Heating Element Assembly issue

Sometimes when the heating element burns out and shorts out against the surrounding housing, it causes a safety feature built into your dryer to trip the circuit breaker.

To determine if the heating element assembly is shorted out, use a multimeter (a testing tool used to check for continuity) on its ohms setting. Begin by measuring each terminal on the heating element assembly with respect to the ones around it.

If any of those terminals have continuity, there’s a good chance that your heating element is shorted out, which would explain why you’re having difficulty operating your dryer.

If testing reveals that your heating element assembly has continuity with any others, this indicates that you should move forward as planned and remove and replace it.

Blocked Terminal Block

An electric dryer’s terminal block wires are connected to the dryer’s body with spring clips. There are two terminal blocks on most models – one for the heating elements and the other for lights which can work on either alternating current or direct current.

If any of the wires become loose, during operation it allows for electrical arcing where small amounts of electrical energy jump from one point to another point.

If a wire becomes loose enough that it shorts against part of the dryer or touches the metal heating element, this causes a short-circuit and can trip breakers which interrupts power to the dryer until one restores power by resetting these breakers.

The drive motor must be replaced

Sometimes, when a washing machine’s drive motor fails, it shorts out internally and causes the whole machine to trip the circuit breaker. To determine if the motor is to blame, use a multimeter on continuity mode.

If there is no continuity through any of the motor windings, then your drive motor needs to be replaced as it has failed.


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