Samsung Dishwasher Buttons Not Working

Samsung Dishwasher Buttons Not Working. Finding that the dishwasher buttons no longer function can be frustrating. When the buttons aren’t functioning, things tend to pile up and you could have a dirty kitchen fast.

There might be gunk in the way, which would explain why you have one problem. Even if the problem is electrical, or if the trap/filter mechanism is not working properly.

If something breaks down with your major appliance right away, it’s likely that you’ll need appliance repair services right away. Your dishwasher can overheat without prompt attention and cause damage elsewhere in your home.

Samsung Dishwasher Buttons Not Workingsamsung dishwasher buttons not working 2022

This article discusses some problems with Samsung dishwashers when their buttons don’t work.

Defective Main Control Board

Your dishwasher’s main control board is a crucial component that must function properly.

If there is a problem with your dishwasher’s main control board, it may not be able to send voltage to the touchpad, causing the touchpad to stop responding entirely.

Frequently, people misdiagnose what exactly is wrong with their dishwasher, and instead, they replace parts like the main control board and the door latch switch without doing enough testing or searching for faulty components first.

Issue With Touchpad

As a first step, confirm that your dishwasher’s display is working. If it’s not, you will need to perform some troubleshooting to ensure there are not any internal problems or things wrong with the wiring.

The next step is to press certain buttons on the touchpad and check whether they work. As a result, it is most likely a problem with the touchpad.

Electrical Wiring Issueselectrical wiring issues

It’s also common for buttons to become stuck due to internal wiring. Most buttons on a dishwasher are electrical, and this can cause the buttons to malfunction.

You’ll want to contact an electrician if you notice any problems with the wiring when you are attempting to start your dishwasher.

This is a safety issue, so you should not try to fix it on your own even if it is still under warranty. If there is any impact on your warranty, it could impede any future repairs down the road.

Child Lock Is On

Dishwashers come with a child lock feature to prevent small children from changing the settings and causing injury or even death by the machine not working as intended.

If this lock is activated, the other buttons may be disabled. In order for all of your buttons to work again, you’ll have to deactivate this.

The specific method for this varies by model, but on most machines, you simply need to hold down a button for a few seconds, and then there should be no problem getting everything back up and running properly.

Dishwasher Not Plugged In

Dishwashers are often overlooked as the possible source of a problem which could be anything from a slight inconvenience to serious health risk.

If your dishwasher is unplugged, it will not work. You should plug it in and then try using it again.

If however, this isn’t enough, you might want to also look at its circuit breaker. Make sure the switch is in the right position and ensure you have an adequate water supply before connecting the dishwasher directly to the electrical supply otherwise it may still not turn on.

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