Ryobi String Trimmer Troubleshooting

Ryobi String Trimmer Troubleshooting. Troubleshooting your Ryobi string trimmer before taking it to a technician may save you time and repair costs.

The company makes both gas- and electric-powered string trimmers, but the basic steps for troubleshooting either tool are the same.

Key in on your tool’s main functions to help figure out the potential cause of any problems so that you can determine if a service center visit is necessary, if necessary.

Some minor problems may be handled easily at home, but others may require the help of a professional.

Ryobi String Trimmer Troubleshooting

This article discusses how to troubleshoot Ryobi string trimmer problems.

Ryobi String Trimmer Head Will Not Spin

ryobi string trimmer head will not spin

Driveshafts are long, flexible shafts that have a wide range of motion. Driveshafts connect the clutch to the head of the trimmer.

Driveshafts engage the cutter head when the clutch is engaged. In the case of a broken driveshaft, the string trimmer head will not turn. If the driveshaft has broken, you will not be able to repair it; you will need to replace it.

If the throttle cable is faulty, it will not engage the automatic speed adjustment. This can cause several issues with the engine, which include erratic starting and throwing up excess smoke.

If this becomes an issue, first ensure there isn’t any petrol left in the carburetor before checking for a faulty cable. Then you should replace both the carburetor as well as the cables connected to it for your trimmer’s head.

Ryobi String Trimmer Runs Poorly

The fuel filter might be clogged. Most clogged fuel filters are caused by leaving old, dirty fuel in the trimmer for too long.

The old fuel becomes thick and sticky over time, which can easily clog up the new fuel filter, causing the engine to run roughly.

If old and dirty fuel was left in the trimmer, it’s important to drain the dirty and old fuel from the tank so that your new tank of fresh gas and a new filter isn’t affected by this nasty mix-up.

A spark arrestor is a metal screen that prevents the engine from releasing sparks. They are often placed within individual cylinders.

However, this metal plate can build up soot after a while. This may prevent the proper release of pressure in the cylinder itself and cause the engine to run very roughly.

In order to fix this issue, you’ll need to pull off your spark arrestor screen and clean it up using a wire brush.

You may also want to consider replacing it entirely if you’ve had issues with it before with corrosion or discoloration from seeping oil.

Ryobi String Trimmer Stalls After Starting

ryobi string trimmer stalls after starting

If the air filter is damaged, it will prevent sufficient fresh air from reaching the engine.

This can lead to fuel starvation and ultimately stalling with no fault of your own. An air filter or fuel filter may need changing.

A carburetor could be clogged, which is most often caused by storing the gas mix for too long.

The mixture will evaporate from the fuel over time, which leaves behind thick substances that can clog up the carburetor and stall your engine.

If the carburetor is clogged, clean it with a carburetor cleaner. If the cleaner isn’t effective, rebuild or replace the carburetor.

Ryobi String Trimmer Will Not Start

Rewind springs allow the starter rope to recoil onto pulleys when the starter rope is retracted and released.

If this rewind spring is broken, there will be no recoil and your engine would not start. If one of these springs breaks mid-start however, many can be replaced individually but it may be easier to simply replace your entire assembly altogether.

The recoil starter assembly pulls the crankshaft when you pull on a rope. If the recoil starter assembly is defective, you will find it difficult to start your engine.

Remove the starter assembly and inspect it to determine if it is working properly. When you pull on a rope, tabs extending from the pulley should grab onto the hub of your engine, causing it to turn.

When you release the rope, the tabs should retract and the rope should rewind back onto its pulley.

If there is any sign that something is wrong with your recoil starter assembly, replace it.

Ryobi String Trimmer Won’t Feed The String

Trimmer lines may be the wrong size. If the trimmer line is too thick or too thin for the trimmer head.

The string won’t feed and you will have to stop working on your garden until you get a new string. The way you can avoid this trouble is by choosing the correct trimmer line.

The trimmer housing might be cracked, chipped, or broken due to debris build-up in the housing.

The debris can be removed with a flexible shaft brush and vacuumed away. Replacing the trimmer head after determining that the symptom has been resolved is the best solution.

Ryobi String Trimmer Troubleshooting

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