Rheem gas furnace troubleshoot

Rheem gas furnace troubleshoot. The Rheem Manufacturing Company manufactures a variety of heating and cooling units such as furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps.

A lot of homeowners report problems with their heating systems from time to time. While some issues are easily fixed, others will require the help of a professional for an efficient solution.

Remember that a major part of fixing these issues is often knowing what is causing them in the first place.

It’s important to keep your equipment clean both inside and out so that you don’t have any unexpected downtime over the course of a warm season.

Rheem gas furnace troubleshoot

rheem gas furnace troubleshoot

To prevent breakdowns before they occur and ensure longevity with your system, it’s highly recommended that you get in touch with your local authorized Rheem technician at least every two years to perform proper maintenance during regular check-ups as there can be many underlying problems occurring internally which go unseen by the naked eye, requiring their particular expertise to resolve.

If you’re looking to fix the furnace, we’ve compiled a great compilation of the most common problems. Just look below:

Power Issue

Always make sure that your furnace is on if it doesn’t turn on. Check the thermostat and make sure that it’s set at a higher energy setting than what the ambient temperature may be to ensure the furnace does kick in eventually.

If the thermostat isn’t working properly, replace its batteries or call out a professional for an inspection.

If you don’t have gas or oil going into your furnace, look into getting them refilled and contact your supplier to arrange this so as they can restore you to full functionality as soon as possible even if there are any setbacks along the way.

Furnace Running Continually

When you are feeling pressure turning your furnace on a lot, you can reduce the heat by changing your physical thermostat temperature number.

If that doesn’t work and you have already replaced the used one, contact the utility company since it may have raised charges from last year.

One thing to note: Furnace bills are becoming more frequent especially during winter months which are typically colder than other seasons.

That is why many people opt to install electric or natural gas furnaces in order to help them keep warm while keeping with their energy consumption rate which would also help save money during these cold days ahead.

Furnace blower not running

furnace blower not running

The blower motor blows air through the return vent, past the heat exchanger, and into the home’s ducting. Firstly, check to make sure power is getting to the motor.

If power is getting to the blower motor but it doesn’t run a problem could be with the motor itself which would need to be replaced.

Secondly, if it turns out that the blower fan isn’t spinning freely which might indicate another problem with your blower motor start by checking whether there’s an obstruction of some kind in the blower housing,

Or preferably in your entire system such as an object caught up in either one of your pipes or vents which would require cleaning them out.

Rheem Furnace heating problem

Igniters are extremely hot and glow orange to light the gas burner. They fail easily if they are defective, cracked, or dirty. Check the igniter for cracks. If the igniter is cracked, replace it.

If the igniter is not cracked, use a multimeter to test continuity in all wires that lead from the control board to the igniter.

If there is no continuity, then you need to replace it because it has probably burnt out and needs replacing.

Rheem Furnace starts then stops Issue

The pressure switch is normally closed when the burner has sufficient airflow. If it is not closing, this may prevent sufficient airflow, causing ignition difficulties with the furnace turning off.

By using a multimeter on continuity for testing, will indicate whether the coil switch is functioning properly or not functioning at all.

When being tested, if the pressure switch does not have continuity there must be a replacement installed.

If a flame sensor is incorrectly installed or it’s not connected to the control board, it will likely fail to detect a flame. The control board won’t allow voltage to the gas valve and eventually turns off the furnace prematurely.

If your furnace isn’t heating properly, check your gas line and make sure that the flame sensor is secured in place and plugged into an open socket on the control board.

It’s also possible that your gas supply may have a leak so check that as well by lighting a match as close to where your supply pipe connects towards the furnace.

Rheem Furnace is noisy

Over time, the bearings in your blower motor wear out, causing it to become noisy. Typically you can lubricate these motors and that’s what step 1 below entails but if lubrication should not be an option, you will need to replace the motor.

If you hear a whistling sound coming from your draft inducer motor, the bearings might need to be replaced.

Draft inducer motors are necessary components in natural gas and oil furnaces because they draw air into the burners and then out of your house via the chimney or flue during colder months.

If this component has failed, it’s very necessary that you get it fixed immediately before anything bad happens in your household like for example a fire. That’s why these motors must be reliable and also easy to replace if worn out.

Rheem gas furnace troubleshoot

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