Panasonic Microwave turntable not turning

Panasonic Microwave turntable not turning. The microwave has set a foundation for many cooking routines in the home, and people are dependent on them to heat up their food.

From microwaving a potato to steaming vegetables microwaves are essential kitchen appliances.

Panasonic Microwave turntable not turningPanasonic Microwave turntable not turning

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions.

Damage Glass Tray Support

In the event that you can’t turn your microwave turntable, it’s possible that the glass tray support is broken or stripped out.

You will need to remove the glass tray by pulling the glass tray support off of the drive motor shaft using just your hands. Inspect the glass tray support for damage.

If damage is present, please order a replacement part and follow the microwave turntable replacement.

Replace User Control and Display Board

The turntable motor is much more likely to be at fault. First, test the power source to the motor. If it’s not getting power, then suspect the user control board as being defective.

However, if the user control board is functioning properly, replace it since there may be an actual problem with the turntable motor (or even a connection cable for that matter).

Touchpad issue

The touchpad might be broken. However, the turntable motor is more likely to be at fault! First, try testing your turntable motor. If that doesn’t work, check to see if the touchpad is actually faulty. Look closely and carefully at the unit while pressing each button on the control panel.

If you find that certain buttons are not responding correctly or not being picked up correctly by your appliance’s control panel then get yourself a replacement touchpad from wherever you might find one and have a qualified person replace it for you.

 Check Main Control Board

The main control may be malfunctioning. Nevertheless, the most likely culprit is the turntable motor. Make sure the turntable motor is receiving power. In the event that the turntable motor does not receive power, the main control board is likely to be at fault.

Faulty Turntable Motor

Test the turntable for continuity with a multimeter. Replacing the turntable is necessary if there is no continuity.

Defective Glass Tray Drive Coupling

If the microwave glass tray drive coupling is damaged, there’s a high chance that the drive motor shaft is also affected and needs to be replaced. If you notice cracks within the drive coupling itself, try or consider tightening the screws on it first before calling for service.


What is the proper way to test the microwave turntable motor?

The controller must provide the proper voltage to the turntable motor. Connect a voltmeter to the motor’s two terminals and turn the microwave on to check this.

What if I don’t have a turntable for my microwave?

If the door glass is not damaged, you can use the microwave without the revolving glass tray. During heating, the food will not cook as evenly without the revolving tray and will have to be manually rotated.

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