Panasonic microwave door won’t open

Panasonic microwave door won’t open. Panasonic microwaves have helped in setting a foundation for many of today’s cooking routines. They can warm up food, liquids, and cook a variety of dishes.

Without them, an image of a traditional kitchen may be hard to imagine. There are times however when getting the microwave door open can be challenging whether it may be due to a faulty latch or because the key is lost.

At those times we recommend using either the toothpick or needle approach if these methods seem effective and reliable.

Panasonic microwave door won’t openmicrowave door won't open

This post discusses a few issues that can arise with Panasonic microwaves.

Defective Door Latch

Look for any damage on the door latch and fix it if it isn’t working properly.

The door hook is broken

The door hook engages with the door latch to maintain a tight hold on the door which prevents it from being accidentally opened during operation.

If the door hook should break due to regular wear, it won’t be able to properly release the latch, making it impossible for the worker to open the door quickly in case of an emergency.

If your door hook breaks, replace it. A broken safety measure like this one is risky because lives are at stake!

Damaged Open Lever

The open lever should be inspected for damage. If it has broken or appears damaged, replaces it.

Faulty Door Spring

Inspect the door spring. Fix or change it if the door spring is broken. If no repair is needed, remove any rust from the surface of the spring mechanism. If a cover plate has been applied, carefully remove it with a screwdriver or similar tool.

Handle Actuator issue

The actuator is the piece responsible for moving the door and letting it open. It’s attached to a cable that’s connected to both the button near the door latch assembly that opens it as well as directly to the door latch assembly.

Since it’s made of plastic, if removed too many times or malfunctions, it can tend to break easily.

If this occurs because you’ve tried taking off your handle so many times while locked out of your house and end up breaking it, then be sure to have this part repaired or replaced by someone who specializes in automotive.

Button fault

The door open button might have a broken internal component. If the button is broken, replace it.

Problem with Button Spring

The button spring is located on the inside of a door’s open button and generally acts as the spring mechanism that allows an item to open up or be released in some way.

The easiest way to replace a broken spring is by first removing the button from its casing and then simply replacing it with a new one.

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