Murray push lawn mower won’t start

Murray push lawn mower won’t start. Murray is a garden supply company that was founded by Herb Murray in the year 1918.

It offers a wide range of products for the lawn and garden, including power pieces of equipment and tools, such as tillers and rakes.

These products are available in different sizes and capacities. When your Murray push lawn mower keeps coming off during use, here are some things you can try to fix it.

Murray push lawn mower won’t start

murray push lawn mower won't start

One of the most common reasons for a lawnmower not starting up is because there’s a build-up of something clogging up the carburetor.

The most common reason is that people don’t take their fuel tanks simply and spray their fuel all over their engines instead of in them.

Don’t do this! Fuel left on your engine will begin to harden and turn into a sticky mess that can collect dust, seeds, and other debris which will clog your entire engine.

If your Murray push lawn mower isn’t working properly then the first thing to pay attention to is the engine. Not starting can be solved quickly by following some troubleshooting tips.

Defective Fuel pump

A fuel pump has three ports the gas in port, the gas out port, and the pulse port. Through a small rubber tube, the pulse port is connected to the engine crankcase.

As the engine runs, the air inside the crankcase pressurizes and depressurizes this line so that it can move a diaphragm inside of the pump and thus supplies fuel supply to the car with mechanical assistance.

If the engine has oil overfilling it, oil can enter into this tube leading up to a malfunction of this component.

Furthermore, fuel pumps also feature two check valves on their input and output lines so as to prevent fuel from reentering into gas tanks.

 The spark plug is defective

 the spark plug is defective

Inspect the spark plug to see if there are any signs of wear or damage.

If a strain gauge is chipped, the insulator is cracked, and the electrode is burned away or damaged, replace the spark plug.

To tell if a spark plug is defective, insert it into a tester. You should get a spark when starting up an engine.

Otherwise, the first reboot indicates that the spark plug needs to be replaced immediately.

The carburetor might be clogged

It seems like your lawnmower may be having difficulty starting up! This will likely mean there is a problem with the ignition system, most likely involving a clogged fuel line or clogged carburetor.

The cause of this is usually due to leaving fuel in the mower for too long without running it properly to burn off trapped gasses, which can gradually build up in the tank over time.

If you’re experiencing problems starting your lawnmower, try cleaning out the carburetor with some cleaner and also check that the spark plug is clear of debris; if these are not easy fixes (or they don’t work), you’ll need to replace or rebuild the carburetor completely.

Gasoline that is old or bad

There may be bad fuel or poor fuel quality present in the float bowl of a vehicle’s carburetor.

With enough time and distance, some elements of the gas will evaporate leaving behind a thicker substance that is less prone to vaporization.

The clogged condition of the float bowl will keep it from helping feed the engine with a passable amount of fuel, so either inject some cleaning fluid down the intake (after making sure to move your car out of harm’s way) or try replacing the entire carburetor unit.

Faulty ignition coils

faulty ignition coils

The ignition coil inside the engine makes sure that the spark plug sparks when the vehicle is in operation.

When the ignition coil is bad, it’s usually because of a simple thing like dirt.

While most simple things like dirt can be easily cleaned off and repaired to restore functionality, some are less simple than others but should still be able to be fixed nonetheless. That’s why it’s vital to always keep your ignition coil clean.

Flywheel key broken

The lawnmower’s recoil starter is no longer working. The lawnmower’s recoil starter uses a lever that you pull to release the pins of the flywheel in order to start the cutting blades moving.

If an obstruction gets stuck between the flywheel and pin, it can cause the pin to break which prevents any further spin of the flywheel.

To check if the pins have been broken, remove them from their housing and make sure they are in good condition. If they look damaged or worn out, they should be replaced.

Fuel Filter is a fault

The fuel in the engine of your lawnmower may be clotted and that’s why it is not operating; its fuel filter might be clogged with sticky evaporated old fuel.

What you will need to do is to first drain this engine of its old, spoilt, and dirty fuel, replacing it with a fresh one, and then help solve this issue by changing its clogged dirty regulator filter.

The coil springs can be replaced

When you pull the starter rope and let go, you want it to recoil the rope onto the pulley attached to the engine which will help turn the flywheel off your lawnmower.

If your lawnmower has a spring that does not recoil, however, and it’s near impossible for it to coil back onto the pulley then this will prevent it from turning over the engine, preventing your bike from having been started.

Often spring replacements can be done very quickly though sometimes replacing an entire assembly is more time-effective as they often replace other working parts as well.

 Safety Switch issue

When checking to see if the safety switch is defective, check to see if it has continuity using a multimeter.

Murray push lawn mower won’t start

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