Microwave turntable not turning

Microwave turntable not turning. In the kitchen, a microwave is an essential appliance.   However, on rare occasions, even small issues can become a big hindrance.

One such problem is with your microwave because when its auto-rotating plate stops turning this affects how we heat our food and spices up for any meal or snack required during the day.

The fact remains very obvious; it’s completely necessary to have such surfaces that move so that food can get heated uniformly.

Microwave turntable not turning

microwave turntable not turning

One of the main reasons a microwave oven’s turntable won’t turn is because the motor is damaged or has failed.

We will discuss how to fix some issues with a Microwave turntable that is not turning in this article.

 A problem with the drive coupling for glass trays

Failure of the glass tray drive coupling is another common cause of microwave turntables not turning.

A high-temperature surge might shatter the ceramic, or it might wear out over time.

It may only be necessary to adjust the motor if it does not connect properly to the coupler, but if it has already dislodged completely, then you will have to fix or replace the motor and coupler.

 Roller guide issue

One issue that could be stopping the microwave from spinning properly is a problem with the guide.

This part is attached to the glass tray and helps it to stay in place while rotating. It works with the coupler to turn and rotate the table.

Glass Tray Support Broken

If the microwave’s turntable doesn’t turn it could be broken or, in some cases, stripped out.

Gently pull the glass tray support off of the drive motor shaft. Examine it carefully and make sure that no pieces are broken away.

Replace Control and Display Board

The presence of the user control and display board might be defective. However, it’s more likely that the turntable motor is at fault. First, test the incoming power to the turntable motor.

If the motor isn’t getting power, there may be something with the user control and display board.

However, if the user control and display board are faulty, replace them.

Defective Touchpad and Control Panel

The turntable motor could be faulty, but the touchpad and control panel are more likely to be at fault. Try testing the motor first by pressing it with your finger.

If it rotates without resistance, attempt to replace it with a new one.

However, if you still can’t rotate the motor, diagnose the problem as coming from the touchpad and control panel by pressing each of their corresponding buttons.

Replacing both buttons should be done if some buttons respond properly while others don’t.

 Faulty Main Control Board

The main control may have been damaged or the power to the turntable motor may not be working properly, so it’s hard to know exactly what could have caused the problem.

To figure out what went wrong, we need to start from the beginning. If the power is not reaching the turntable motor, then there might be a problem with either the main control board and/or with your source of electricity.

Touchpad Problem

There may be a problem with the microwave touchpad, but it is far more likely that the turntable motor is at fault. First, test the turntable motor.

If the motor is not defective, it’s possible that the touchpad is broken. If you want to determine whether this danger exists, try pressing each of the buttons on the control panel.

If some of them work without issue while other ones act up or fail entirely – replace the touchpad with a functioning one from your inventory of spare parts.

Microwave turntable not turning

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