Microwave buttons not working

Microwave buttons not working. Microwave ovens are one of the most important appliances in a kitchen because they allow our day-to-day cooking routine to be so much more efficient.

Unfortunately, when our buttons start to malfunction, there can be quite a few overwhelming challenges that arise. One of the most common problems that can occur is problems with microwave touchpad sensors.

Microwave buttons not workingwhy microwave buttons not working

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for Microwave buttons not working.

Faulty Control panel

When Microwave buttons stop working, the common issue is, most of the time, the control panel.

You will need to press all the buttons on the control panel if you wish to confirm whether or not this is really a problem.

A properly working touchpad and also the control panel need to be replaced if some buttons are working while others aren’t.

Control Board Failure

If the microwave buttons on your microwave are not responding, then it’s possible that something is wrong with the control board.

Sometimes if you touch the display, but nothing happens, this could also be a problem with the control board. By generating the low voltage, the control board provides the membrane switch with power.

It may be necessary to replace your control board if the board isn’t sending a low-voltage signal. To replace this unit, first, you’ll want to unplug your appliance and remove the outer shell and cabinet assembly.

Faulty Membrane switch

An issue may be with the touchpad, which is commonly known as the membrane switch. There are a few soft-touch electrical switches in the membrane switch.

You will need to find these switches on the surface of the touchpad using an ohmmeter, checking for continuity in this area.

If you do not have access to an ohmmeter, you might still be able to locate these membrane switches, provided that they are close by and without covering them in any way: remove the cabinet of your microwave and check if touching it gives you a sensation similar to that of a button being pushed;

if so, it means there may be an issue with your membrane switches, so proceed to test all of them using an ohmmeter until you find one that does not register continuity!

Display Board Defects

Press each of the buttons on the control panel to determine if the control and display board is defective. If a button feels sticky or takes more force than normal to press down, replace the user control and display board.


Why does my microwave Start button not work?

There are a number of small switches which prevent the microwave from the beginning when the door isn’t closed properly – you might have a broken switch.

In the alternative, check the relays on the control board. If your entries aren’t being processed correctly, the start button won’t be an option.

Where is the microwave door switch?

Microwave door switches are usually mounted to a bracket near the latch. Microwaves usually have three or more switch mechanisms inside of them, but it’s not unusual for one to have only two. The mechanism that opens and closes the microwave door is called a latch.

It is attached to the inside of your microwave door and engages the cooking chamber when the microwave door is closed thus completing an electric circuit turning on your appliances once you’ve entered any necessary commands using either its keypad or custom functions button.

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