Maytag Washer won’t start

Maytag Washer won’t start. Maytag washers are considered one of the most reliable household appliances out there. It’s quite common for these machines to last for many years and do the clean laundry load after load. But, at most times, these haute-couture washers often don’t work as intended.

When my Maytag washer won’t start, what should I do? Ensure that the machine is getting power and that the power cord is plugged into an outlet. With these repair tips, you can troubleshoot your Maytag washer.

Maytag Washer won’t startmaytag washer won't start

Why my Maytag Washer won’t start? The line fuse may blow if the washer circuits are overloaded, which will cause it not to turn on.

If the fuse does happen to blow, it’s probably due to a lack of power. One way you can check is with a multimeter, checking for continuity.

If it doesn’t have some, try replacing the fuse first by using your multimeter to check and see if you have continuity, among other steps.

Power outage

If your Maytag washing machine isn’t working, it is usually an easy problem to fix. Check to make sure that the main cord for the washing machine is plugged into a live/working outlet.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re using a three-pronged outlet (anything less than). If the three-prong fails, you must replace it with whatever outlet matches the appliance power supply adapter. Check to see if there are any loose wires and reattach them securely.

If the main plug has been unplugged from any of the connections in this step, then we need you to set up a circuit breaker or change out fuses immediately because your washer will not start until this circuit is reset properly.

Lid Switch Faultlid switch fault

The lid switch that’s near the door frame is an important part of your washing machine. It prevents the machine from starting up if the lid hasn’t been properly replaced.

For this kind of switch to function, it must be functioning fine. If not, then there’s a problem with the washer, and you’ll need to try troubleshooting it before placing an order with Maytag or an authorized parts dealer for a replacement part.

Having trouble filling

If your Maytag washer is not filling with water and you have already checked for kinked inlet hoses or crushed tubing near the hot and cold water faucets, make sure both hot and cold water faucets are turned on and allowing water to flow into the washer.

Check for any debris inside the inlet hose that could be preventing it from properly filling up with water. If you discover debris like excess lint or other materials blocking it up, you can use a pair of scissors to cut out as much as you can.

Then use a paper clip to remove any remaining debris. Once you have cleaned it up as best, making sure there are no pieces remaining that can possibly jam the tank valve open while trying to fill it again later, reattach the hose back onto your washing machine.

Spinning problemsspinning problems

Your washing machine has many functions that protect it from getting damaged. This includes a function that ensures it does not get overloaded to prevent damage to your washing machine when placed under pressure, for example.

If your washing machine is not spinning, one of the reasons may be that the load was unbalanced, which can also cause this kind of problem to occur.

In either case, one must verify and identify which factor is causing the problem and take corrective action accordingly by redistributing existing clothing and even monitoring the usage of detergent in the future.

You should make sure there are no clogged or kinked hoses and install drainage hoses at least 96 inches above the floor. You should also examine your pump pulley to see if it’s turning because if it isn’t, then replace it ASAP.

Locked washer control

Is your Maytag washer stuck in the middle of a wash cycle, and it doesn’t seem to be responding? Are you hearing a clicking noise from the machine? It may be that your Control Lock is engaged.

This safety feature can prevent accidents from happening by locking all controls. When this happens, you should see one of three letters – LoC or LC – appear on your display screen.

Consult your user manual for information regarding how to undo this feature. Some brands have a dedicated key for this action, but others require you to hold down two keys simultaneously while holding them down for 3 seconds will disengage the Control Lock feature and return power/controls back to you.

Defective Timer

A washing machine timer is a component that makes the motor start and stops. The motor cannot turn if the timer is not working properly, so it is a common guess when troubleshooting a washing machine that does not run.

To determine if your timer needs to be replaced, make sure there is continuity to each terminal on it by touching one lead of a multimeter across two terminals and then touching the other lead across another two terminals.

If there is no resistance in any terminal-to-terminal connections, then the timer definitely needs replacement.

Faulty Line Fuse

If the clothes in your washing machine are taking longer than normal to dry or aren’t drying at all, you should carefully inspect the line fuse for continuity.

If it has none, this may be the reason behind this problem, and you should replace it. Remember to check the wires as well as the motor.

If there’s no issue within these two components, then maybe there’s a leak by which water is continuously flowing into your dryer and won’t let it do its job.

User Control and Display Board issue

To troubleshoot if the user control and display board have been damaged, proceed by turning on the infrared (IR) or heating element located beneath the board.

If it is illuminated, first try to reset the touch screen by unplugging it from the bottom of the control and display board. If it does not function after this, restarting your oven will cause it to reset itself.

Finally, if none of these procedures solve the problem and you have confirmed that power comes to your control and display board, hardware failure inside the touch panel could be an issue as well. Consider replacing that along with your user control and display board for the best performance.

Defective Thermal Fuse

Your washing machine will blow the thermal fuse if it becomes too hot. You won’t be able to turn on the washing machine if the line fuse is blown.

Using a multimeter, check the terminals of the thermal fuse to determine if it is causing the problem. Replace it if it does not provide continuity.

Additionally, find out why the fuse blew in the first place and fix it before replacing it. If you stop whatever caused the first one to blow, the new one will last.

Maytag Washer won’t start

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