Maytag Washer Won’t Drain

Maytag Washer Won’t Drain. It is likely that a Maytag washer will not drain if the drain pump has broken or been damaged electrically or mechanically. The most common reason for this type of failure is if the motor switch assembly fails.

If clogs in the coin trap or drain hose prevent water from draining out. Lastly, some Maytag models rely on belt-powered drain pumps that require a belt replacement.

Maytag Washer Won’t Drainmaytag washer won't drain

If the washer won’t drain and has a coin trap, unblock it! First, check the drain hose to determine if it is kinked, twisted, or bent.

If the drain hose is bent, straighten it out. In addition, remove the drain hose and check it for obstructions.

Here are the instructions on how to fix a Maytag washer that won’t drain.

Water Inlet Valve Problems

The hot and cold hoses of this valve connect to the water mains, and it is responsible for filling your machine when you choose a cycle.

This valve can stop working due to several reasons but, in such cases, it keeps water inside your machine, which causes the drain pump to engage.

In order to correct this issue, first, you need to check the screen/filter or keep a bottle of vinegar onto it, as vinegar is an easy way to clean out the obstruction and see whether or not this helped unclog it.

The second thing you need to do is remove the valve from its position and test the Solenoid Valve using a multi-meter between 500-1500 and then replace it if there isn’t any activity.

Faulty Lid Switch Assemblyfaulty lid switch assembly

A Maytag washer that doesn’t drain could be due to a problem with the lid switch, which will only allow the spin cycle to operate if it’s fully closed.

Try closing and opening the lid again, just to make sure it is fully activated.

Another way to troubleshoot this issue is by taking apart the machine and testing the switch with a multimeter if it doesn’t have continuity and needs replacing.

Cycle Selection Error

If your washer’s load of laundry seems like it won’t rinse out all the way, you need to check what kind of cycle you’ve selected. Some cycles, such as Delicate.

Hand Wash, have slower spin speeds because they’re designed to protect delicate fabrics that could be harmed by a higher spin speed if too much water is left behind.

If you think your clothing might not be getting completely rinsed clean during washing, make sure you use a cycle with higher spin speeds in order to extract as much water as possible from your clothes which will allow them to dry significantly faster.

Faulty Coin Trap

Some washers have a coin trap mechanism that traps foreign objects from reaching the drain. The coin trap should be cleaned on a regular basis.

If not, it will eventually become clogged, which can delay water from exiting the machine or force water to exit through the drum at the bottom below the normal operating level.

If you are aware of a slow drain or malfunctioning drainage system, the first test for mud in the pump by watching for water coming out either near the drain line or at its terminal point in your cabana.

If there is mud in this area, simply remove it and watch as your washer’s drainage system quickly restores itself to normal operation.

Drain Hose Issue

First, check the drain hose to ensure that it is clear of debris and has no kinks or obstructions. If it is safe to do so, try to straighten out the hose if it’s twisted or curved amongst itself.

Secondly, remove the drain hose and check it for any obstructions. If there are any obstructions in the drain hose, they must be removed before you can continue using your dishwasher again.

Defective Door Lockdefective door lock

Make sure the door striker assembly is in good condition. If it is broken, replace it if possible.

If the striker is not an easy replacement, then you will have to order a new one or hire a repair person to come out and fix that aspect of your garage door springs.

Pump Belt Failure Causes

You might not know this about washing machines but there is a belt that connects the pump and the motor.

If this belt breaks or wears out, your washer won’t drain out and thus you’ll have a big mess to clean up because all of your laundries will just sit there. So remember, check for old or broken belts before starting that load.

Overload Problem

A very tight load could cause an imbalance in the spin cycle, which will leave your garments wet. Do not wash larger items with small accessories as they may not get fully submerged and cause an imbalance.

If you’re concerned about overloading, we also suggest referring to your user manual or checking online to find out exactly how much fills your particular model washer.

Some models have different limits depending on the type of cycle, so be sure to take note of specific instructions for each cycle type in order to avoid balance issues that may occur during spin cycles.

Final Words

Always unplug your washer before beginning manual diagnostics. When most draining issues are due to blockages in the drain hose and pump, these should be the first thing you check.

If there are no blockages, then things move on to check that everything works including the door lock and water inlet valve if either of these is damaged or not working, the machine may stop working properly.

If a professional inspection from an appliance repair person finds no blockages and everything seems to be in working order then you will want to call them to service the washing machine since that might not have been resolved yet.

Maytag Washer Won’t Drain

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