Maytag washer shaking violently on spin cycle

Maytag washer shaking violently on spin cycle. Your washer is shaking and it might be because your drive belt is either damaged, broken or worse.

We’ve gathered a few troubleshooting tips that will hopefully help you get things working as they should again so that you can go back to your regularly scheduled laundry-doing.

Maytag washer shaking violently on spin cyclemaytag washer shaking violently on spin cycle

Your washing machine needs to be level and balanced on its feet in order to function properly.

Your washing machine might shake violently or vibrate if the items inside are not evenly distributed.

If you notice that your machine is shaking more than usual during operation, then it could indicate that there are rugs or blankets inside which you should take out!

Faulty shock absorber

One or more shock absorbers might be broken or worn out. They help the washer to stand still. If one of these shock absorbers is broken or worn out, the washer vibrates and shakes when it spins or agitates.

Sometimes if you move the washer, some little things can let go, and then it won’t roll well on its little wheels. So you have to look at all of your shock absorbers and make sure they’re hooked incorrectly.

That they don’t need to be replaced (though they will wear out over time), and that there aren’t any rips or holes like some people like to tie their dogs up with.

Defective Suspension Spring

One or more of the washer’s suspension springs may be broken. If one of the springs break, the remaining ones might need to work extra hard to absorb the shock of movement within the washer.

If a spring is broken, there’s a potential that it won’t be able to do its job which could eventually make your machine unbalanced and cause it to shake erratically when washing clothes.

Inspect both sides of each spring you can access to see if any of them are cracked or folded over themselves past the point of usable return.

This would be proof that the spring is about to break. If you think you have found one, it’s crucial that you replace them as soon as possible.

Fault with the suspension rodfault with the suspension rod

If the washer is shaking, rattling, and making a bunch of noise it could mean that one or more of the suspension rods have snapped.

A broken suspension rod will stop helping the tub stay balanced during different movements which causes a variety of problems for both the washer and motor.

If your washer is shaking, a missing suspension rod or bent suspension rod can be the culprit that makes all this happen in the first place. In case of broken suspension rods, replace them.

Review of the snubber pad

When clothes are tumbling in the washing machine, vibrations can sometimes occur. The snubber pad lowers the vibration to make the entire wash experience smoother for your garments.

Just like with other crucial components within a washing machine, when the snubber pad begins to wear out it will need to be replaced so that your washer can continue operating smoothly.

Inspect the snubber pad and if missing, damaged, or coated with sticky substances like detergent and transmission oil then it’s time to replace them.

Balance Ring problembalance ring problem

Fluid may have been lost from the balance ring. An essential part of washing machines’ general functioning, the balance ring is devoid of fluid.

If too much fluid is gone from the ring, it can affect the machine’s functioning if not corrected.

Correct this imbalance by either replacing a possibly watered-out ring or using any powdery substances found lying around your house that could work as a replacement until you can get hold of a new one.

Shipping Bolt Kit issue

Some washers come with shipping bolts attached. If your machine is vibrating, remove the bolts and see if it makes a difference.

It’s best to err on the side of caution in this scenario because if you don’t remove the bolts and there’s an issue, you could end up burning out your motor or transmission, which are far more expensive than the price of a few shipping bolts.

Shock Dampening Device failure

As the washer tub spins, a shock-dampening device helps to absorb the movement. A broken shock-dampening device will cause your washer drum to be unbalanced.

Which can cause it to shake and vibrate during its spin cycles. Inspect your unit’s shock-dampening device if you experience shaking or vibration during a wash cycle.

If one is damaged, replace it with a new one from an appliance parts store. This should fix the problem.

The leveling legs need to be adjusted

Make sure the washer is level, and adjust the leveling legs accordingly. Keeping the legs in place after adjusting them prevents them from becoming loose.

A faulty rear drum with a bearing

The rear drum has a thread inside, which helps the inner tub spin more smoothly. If the outer tub is not moving correctly, you may experience vibration.

On some machines, there are bearings that are sold separately from the outer drum assembly, but we recommend replacing both pieces if possible as it is hard to remove and press new bearings in by yourself with existing parts still attached.

Note: even replacing the outer tub and bearing can be pretty expensive sometimes, depending on the machine model you have.

Maytag washer shaking violently on spin cycle

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