Maytag Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Maytag Refrigerator Troubleshooting. Some common issues with the Maytag refrigerator that may need troubleshooting include but are not limited to insufficient or excessive cooling, a lack of power supply, failure of the temperature control, or an issue with the icemaker.

In some cases when all else fails, you might be left with proceeding in taking a more specific approach to hopefully resolving the problem which, could consist of resetting the control panel or entering diagnostics mode.

Maytag Refrigerator Troubleshooting

maytag refrigerator troubleshooting

Here are some troubleshooting instructions for Maytag refrigerators.

Maytag Refrigerator Won’t Defrost

The defrost heater must stay on so that it may melt any frost found to have accumulated on the evaporator coils.

If the defrost heater remains faulty, the frost will remain and continue to build up.

To determine if the defrost system is indeed faulty, turn to a multimeter for help in testing for continuity. If the reading turns out to be defective, replace the faulty unit with a new one.

The defrost control board determines how often the defrost cycle occurs. The refrigerator isn’t defrosting if the defrost control board is defective.

First, test the defrost heater and defrost thermostat. If the heater and thermostat check out, replace the control board.

Make sure you do your research to determine which part went bad so you can buy exactly what’s needed.

Maytag Refrigerator Is Not Cooling

The start capacitor acts as a temporary source of power for the compressor when starting up. If the start capacitor isn’t working properly, the unit may not kick on and will be inoperable.

This can lead to your refrigerator staying warm or experiencing other cooling issues. In order to determine if the start capacitor is defective, you must test it with a multimeter. If the start capacitor is bad, replace it.

The start relay is a small electronic device that keeps the compressor running once the equipment has reached a certain temperature.

The opening and closing of the door switches start and stop their function. A refrigerator may not cool properly if the start relay fails to turn on, or it may even stop working entirely.

Test your start relay for continuity with a multimeter between the run and start terminal sockets. If there is no continuity, replace your defective part before proceeding to check other components of your refrigerator for failure.

Maytag Refrigerator Leaks Water

maytag refrigerator leaks water

When the water inlet valve is not working properly, your ice maker may stop operating or start accumulating ice.

The purpose of a water inlet valve is to supply the dispenser and icemaker with fresh, clean water when it’s needed most.

Ensure that your water inlet valve is secured tightly to the waterline so that you don’t leak any resources, especially if you happen to own an establishment that depends on healthy, clean drinking water to provide nourishment within their menu offerings.

If the water filter is not fitted properly, water will leak from its housing. While this is certainly an annoying problem, the best way to resolve it is simply to remove the old filter and replace it with a new one in order to restore normalcy and pressure.

Maytag Refrigerator Light Doesn’t Work

When a light socket is defective, one can check to see if the socket itself is getting any power at all with either a multimeter or by replacing the bulb and seeing if it lights up.

If it’s getting power but not working, this could mean that you have a defective light socket.

Double-check to make sure that there are no other electrical problems surrounding the socket and don’t forget to double-check to make sure that wiring is secure before replacing the light bulb.

The light assembly might be defective. Some manufacturers don’t sell the light assembly components separately, and instead, require you to purchase the whole assembly if there are defects.

Maytag Refrigerator Constantly Runs

A defective defrost timer can cause the refrigerator to run continuously. Two or three times a day, the defrost timer is supposed to turn on the defrost heater to melt any frost on freezer evaporator coils.

If someone turns off the refrigerator before all of the frosts have been melted off, it’s possible for ice to build up inside and then start blocking airflow onto the evaporator coils which will reduce cooling quality.

The door gasket may be defective, allowing warm air to enter the refrigerator if it runs constantly.

This happens because humid air from the room is drawn into the refrigerator through the opening in which the gasket is used to sit.

As this humidity comes in contact with the cold evaporator coils it condenses and freezes at a much faster pace than if there hadn’t been any defect.

Normally, this problem would be resolved by using the auto-defrost function on your refrigerator that helps remove frost and ice build-up on your coils but in this case, due to the absence of a functioning door seal, your defrosting system won’t get rid of all your issues fast enough.

Maytag Refrigerator Troubleshooting

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