Maytag Oven Won’t Turn On

Maytag Oven Won’t Turn On. When your oven does not turn on, check if the power source that is providing power to the appliance is on. You’ll need to switch back on the circuit breaker if the power is still not working.

Check to see if your oven’s heating elements are broken if neither of these solutions works. The cause will be determined by whether the problem is with an electric or gas oven.

Although, it’s best to have a technician do this just in case since ovens tend to be riskier than many other appliances.

You should definitely get an expert opinion for repairs of this kind since only someone who specializes in them will know exactly what they’re doing.

Maytag Oven Won’t Turn On

maytag oven won't turn on

Bake Element – When the bake element is heating properly, it glows red hot. A faulty igniter will prevent the gas from lighting and may cause the oven to not work.

The element usually heats up as high as 1200°F/649°C but can also blow out at any point during use, causing extreme heat throughout your kitchen and sometimes within neighboring rooms.

If this happens, contact a service company immediately since superheated gases that build up underneath or close to the oven must be released quickly; otherwise, you or someone else could be injured.

Problem With Thermal Fuses

The thermal fuse cannot be reset. It will continue to blow if the oven temperature is excessive, and the oven will not restart without a new thermal fuse or a replacement of the oven’s control board.

One should use a multimeter to test for continuity before purchasing a new thermal fuse because some fuses may, in fact, work intermittently due to failure at low temperatures.

Element Of Broiler Issue

When the broil element begins to heat, it will glow hot red. Should the broil element not glow red at all, there may be a problem with the filament. It could have short-circuited or cracked from excessive use.

Inspect the filament for any holes or cracks before determining if the filament needs replacing.

To figure out if your broil element is still in working order, connect your multimeter to check for continuity between each prong on its underside. If there is no continuity present, replace it with a new one.

Error Baking An Element

When the oven’s baking element is heating properly, it glows red. If the element does not glow red, this indicates that the element is not heating up.

Often if the heating element has burned out, it will be visibly damaged. Inspect for holes or blisters.

To determine if the bake element has burned out, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the baking element.

Faulty Safety Valve

faulty safety valve (2)

The gas oven safety valve works to provide the appropriate amount of gas to the burner.

Sometimes it will not have enough pressure inside of it to continue providing gas, which prevents the oven from heating up.

The best way to find out if this is causing your stove trouble is by testing all of the more commonly defective components before replacing the safety valve.

Use a multimeter for any tests you make and see if everything is working properly or if there are any loose connections that need to be resolved by replacing them as soon as possible.

Once you test all of the more commonly defective oven parts, such as the igniter, and replace it.

Failed Relay Board

Some ovens come with a relay board. This relay board includes several relays that are responsible for controlling the voltage to the boiler.

If one or more of the relays on this relay board break, the oven won’t heat. Typically, this issue doesn’t occur often, but it is still crucial to check all of your oven components.

Suppose you are facing this problem before replacing the relay board. If none of your components seem to be faulty, chances are high that you have a defective relay board, and then it is time to replace it.

Control Board For Ovens

control board for ovens

If your oven does not reach temperature, the problem can be a faulty oven control board. A faulty control board will not send voltage to the heating components.

To fix this issue, first test all of the heating elements for continuity and resistance. If you determine, all of the heating elements are working properly.

Replace the oven control board. Since it’s not easy to test an oven control board, you will have to replace it if it is determined that the board is faulty.

Pressure Regulator And Valve

Although faulty valves and pressure regulators are often blamed for this issue, these components are rarely what is actually wrong with the faucet.

Before replacing any other parts in your faucet, first, check that the valves will move freely along their respective tracks and that they have not become over-tightened or frozen.

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