Maytag Freezer Troubleshooting

Maytag Freezer Troubleshooting. Maytag is a popular American home appliance brand that makes a range of attractive freezer units. As with any product, however, problems can occur.

These problems may at times be out of the reach of individuals looking to fix their trouble in order to save time and money but if an individual keeps up with manufacturer-approved troubleshooting tips.

They will surely have success as these steps eliminate the need for professional repair services by accessing potential problem areas well known amongst Maytag employees.

Maytag Freezer Troubleshootingmaytag freezer

This article discusses how to troubleshoot some Maytag freezer problems.

Maytag Freezer Coils Are Frozen

Defrost timers operate the defrost heater. Defrosts heaters function during a period of time not used to cool or freeze the products or in air circulation mode, especially when there’s a buildup of ice crystals in an air conditioning system.

It melts the frost on the coil. The timer and control heating unit at the front of the appliance controls various outlets and temperature settings, as well as controlling the temperature in your refrigerator and freezer.

This mechanism fails to advance into defrosting cycle, in which case eventual icing over will result, making sure ice doesn’t melt so if you want to keep your foie gras intact, get ready to shell out more money.

The door gasket prevents air from leaking into or out of your fridge. If the door gasket is torn or not creating a reliable seal, it can let heat escape or humidity seep in, which leads to a failure to defrost the cycle.

In this case, your refrigerator won’t have an ice maker. To test if the gasket is creating a good seal, close your refrigerator door and slide a dollar bill horizontally through the seal between the door and the body.

It means there is no hole in the rubber strip if you can remove it without tearing it apart. Check the perimeter of your fridge and if you find any weak points where it is tearing, replace it.

Maytag Freezer Runs Continuously

The evaporator fan motor in your freezer circulates air over the evaporator coils and then throughout your freezer. On most refrigerators, the fan motor will not run when the door is open.

It’s important to check that; firstly, your refrigerator door is closed, and secondly, if it is closed, then you need to check if your door switch is activated. If it’s activated, but the evaporator fan motor still won’t run, replace the evaporator fan motor.

A condenser fan motor draws air through the condenser and over the coils. If this motor isn’t running, check for obstructions around the blades. Also, ensure that the blades spin freely.

If they don’t, then either the bearings of the motor have worn out or there is an issue with the electrical wiring within it. Check again for free blade movement if no obstructions are present.

In conclusion, measure continuity of wiring in windings to determine if surgery may be required before you get an HVAC company to look at it.

Maytag Freezer Won’t Work, Clicking Noise

The refrigerator’s compressor is an item of great importance, a motor that compresses refrigerant and circulates the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils.

To test if the compressor needs replacing, use a multimeter to test the continuity between the electrical pins on the side. If there is no connection, it means the compressor is defective; another sign that it needs changing would be if it leaked or was noisy.

If it shows any signs of defection though, make sure you call in a professional as using too much force could damage other components even more.

A start relay turns on the compressor when your freezer starts. If the start relay doesn’t work properly, your freezer may turn on and off randomly or not work at all. If your freezer won’t run, it won’t cool your food and may lead you to purchase a new replacement refrigerator.

To determine if the start relay is defective, unplug it from your refrigerator and remove it to test it with a multimeter. If you do not have continuity between the start and run terminals, or if it smells burnt, replace the faulty part.

Maytag Freezer Will Not Freez

The temperature control thermostat manages the voltage in the refrigerant system that cools your freezer. If the thermostat loses power, your freezer will stop cooling.

Check the temperature control thermostat by rotating it up and down several times to see if there’s a click sound when you turn the dial.

If you hear a click, the thermostat is not likely defective. If you don’t hear a click, use a multimeter to test for continuity make sure there’s electricity going through to the device; if not, replace it.

Control boards are often misdiagnosed before replacing the control board, first check more commonly defective parts.

Make sure that the power supply, operator interface, and other common parts have been checked for errors before making a decision as to whether or not it is the control board that needs to be replaced.

Maytag Freezer Indicator Light Is Not Working

The user control and display board might be defective. Yet, this is rarely the case. In most cases, your indicator light is burned out and needs to be replaced. Of course, if your indicator light isn’t the problem, it might be time to replace your user control and display board.

An indicator light that has burnt out is possible. During the process of replacing the indicator light, make sure that there is not a burnt-out fuse or any loose connections.

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