Maytag dryer won’t start

Maytag dryer won’t start. If you have problems with your Maytag dryer starting or stopping awkwardly, emitting strange noises, and certain functions not working properly, this article will help clear up most of your doubts.

There is a possibility that your Maytag dryer does not start due to a faulty start switch, which can be checked for continuity using a multimeter and easily replaced if necessary.

In the case of a dryer that will not start but emits noise or light, the thermal fuse is likely blown.

Maytag dryer won’t start
why maytag dryer won't start

If your Maytag dryer won’t start, and you test with a multimeter that uncovers no electricity passing through the thermal fuse, then it’s either malfunctioning or its cover has come off.

You must replace the thermal fuse with a new one even if you don’t suspect overheating.

The cause of this problem could be something as minor as trapping hair or lint inside the dryer vent duct that leads to or from your dryer.

The list specifies the most likely problems and pinpoints the most appropriate solutions.

Blown thermal fuseblown thermal fuse

The thermal fuse will pop off if the dryer is in imminent danger of overheating or if it’s a fault with the fuse itself. In either case, your Maytag dryer won’t start when you press the Start button.

A blown or faulty fuse can’t be repaired and must be replaced entirely.

However, if you notice that your dryer isn’t drying your clothes sufficiently before the fuse pops off, check for blockages in your venting system, causing an overload of heat.

Faulty start switchfaulty start switch

It signals to the dryer motor that it can start when the Start button is pressed. Nothing happens if the switch is not pressed.

You may be able to turn the dials on the front of your dryer, but if the machine isn’t alive on the inside, no one will hear it hum.

Therefore, a defective start switch will need to be replaced.

Failed Drive Motor

If your clothes dryer hums but won’t start, it could mean a couple of things. If the drive motor appears to be working, but the drum doesn’t turn.failed drive motor

This means that there is a problem with the blower wheel, or it has accumulated too much lint and needs to be cleaned out once in a while.

If the blower wheel is clear and the system seems undamaged, it’s likely that this is due to a problem with the drive motor and requires professional attention.

Maytag dryer cycle set incorrectly

If you’re in a rush, make sure the dryer is set on an Automatic or Timed Dry setting. If it’s mistakenly set to the Wrinkle Reduction setting, a Maytag dryer does not start immediately.

A program of periodic tumbling and fluffing prevents wrinkles but doesn’t include an immediate start.

Defective door switchdefective door switch

Dryers have door switches that turn motors on and off as doors close and open. If a dryer does not start, first check the breakers or fuses.

If they are okay, look for broken wires at both ends of the door switch terminal.

Then check to see if power is reaching the switch at its terminals by using a voltage-indicating device like an outlet tester (set on AC voltage) and placing one probe on each terminal of the switch.

The tester should light up if electricity reaches the switch; it indicates the path from line voltage through the main terminal of the motor and over to where it’s connected to the ground.

Main control board issues

The most common cause of this issue is not the main control board, so we recommend you do some detective work and check the most commonly defective parts before replacing the control board.

If you determine that all of your other components are working properly, replace your control board. The control board cannot be easily tested, but you can inspect it for signs of burning or a shorted-out component.

Timer setting

Timers can be faulty. However, this is seldom the case. Before replacing the timer, make sure all the other parts (for example, lighting coils and ice cube counterparts) are functioning as they should.

If you determine that all of the other components are working correctly, test the timer by using a multimeter and consulting the wiring diagram. If it’s broken, then replace it with a new bi-Metalic thermostat or timer.

Belt Switch

One way to test if your belt is broken or not is to start the dryer without the belt on and hear if you get a humming noise. If yes, this means your belt should be fine and should be working properly.

If there’s no noise, the problem could lie in the other devices operating the dryer, which should be inspected after checking other factors such as temperature, power source, etc.

Check out specs and guidelines for your model number before repairs commence. The description of how to replace a certain part responsible for cleaning and drying clothes should also generally include guides for inspecting and recognizing other damaged parts that could be connected to it.

Incoming power problem

You can check whether the outlet is working by unplugging a gas dryer and plugging something like a vacuum cleaner into it instead.

If you have an electric dryer, check the circuit breaker or fuse. Ensure that the circuit breaker and fuses are functioning before testing the outlet.

Faulty Drive Beltfaulty drive belt

If the dryer belt breaks, you can check if power is flowing from the motor to the drum. Sometimes, there is a switch that will automatically stop power from going to the drum when this happens.

In other dryers, however, the motor might still run but not get anywhere because of a broken belt. You can check for this by inspecting the belt or possibly asking a friend to help test your suspicion.

If there is a problem with the belt and it’s broken, you’ll need to replace it yourself.

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