Maytag dryer troubleshooting

Maytag dryer troubleshooting. Maytag drying machines are used in many households for their durability, endurance, and speed.  An instant start button means less waiting time for your clothes to be dried.

However, if you push the start button but still nothing works, this may mean that it’s on the wrong cycle. Make sure you have checked all of the cycles or options on your machine before making any modes.

This way, when you do finally get to use the machine again, you will use it correctly. Besides this issue, there are other common reasons why a Maytag dryer would not start working; find out how to solve these issues by reading below.

Maytag dryer troubleshootingmaytag dryer troubleshooting 2022

Maytag dryers are pretty reliable, however, the occasional malfunction still occurs.

There are several reasons for this, ranging from user errors to part malfunctions that only a professional repairman would be able to assess.

Maytag Dryer won’t spin

The belt acts as a bond of sorts that connects the drum to the machine’s motor. A new one will ensure that your machine is running smoothly again.

Your dryer has a belt on it, an important drive component. This can happen by turns. If a belt snaps, a drying machine won’t be able to spin. Soon enough, you need to check if it’s broken or not.

You can do this by hand turning this drum part which often includes gears, pulleys, and sometimes other movable parts as well. If it does not move as easily as before, then something is definitely wrong with it – probably its metallic bond.

If you recognize some very likely signs of a snapped-off belt, then what you have just heard may be true! To eradicate any doubt about its ability to serve you for a long time period, simply change it with a new one.

Lack of power

Power issues are one of the top causes that prevent a dryer from starting. Dryers run on both gas and electricity, which is why it’s important to use an outlet that can handle the job.

Make sure clothes are not blocking the outlet – even the tiniest clothes can prevent it from working! If this is an issue, you should call a professional to assess the safety of your faulty outlet.

Reset any tripped breakers or replace broken fuses. Spending money on expensive extensions for your dryer will only cause problems because they don’t conduct enough power – resulting being overcoating that could be dangerous.

Maytag Dryer Thermal Fuse Faultmaytag dryer thermal fuse fault

Sometimes a Maytag dryer thermal fuse can go bad from being exposed to too much heat or a faulty connection. The fuse is a safety device that will cause the dryer circuit to cease all functions if there’s a danger of overheating.

So if while testing your fuse for continuity you find none, it’s either blown or defective and should be replaced at once! Even if you don’t suspect overheating, a blown a fuse warrants a dryer vent inspection.

A vent that’s clogged with lint, dirt, or dryer sheets can restrict airflow and result in overheating, which can lead to fire hazards.

Maytag Dryer Start Switch Brokenmaytag dryer start switch broken

Maytag dryers use a start switch that consists of two electrical contacts. One of these contacts is closed when the switch is in the “on” position while the other contact is open; hence, there is no current.

When the start button on the Maytag dryer is pressed, it completes this circuit by closing this second contact, sending power to the drive motor.

If you press the Start button and your dryer does not make any noise at all, it could indicate that your start switch may be broken; therefore, the only way to determine if it’s truly faulty would be to test it using a multimeter.

By testing for continuity (closing or opening of an electric circuit), you will reveal whether or not your start switch has been damaged and should subsequently be replaced.

Noise from Maytag Dryer

There are two general types of rollers used in clothes dryers: drum support rollers and tub rollers. When these components wear out and become damaged, they often make loud and rattling noises during cycles.

If one or more of the drum or tub rollers needs replacing, we recommend waiting to replace all of the related components at the same time for the best results.

The shaft of a roller can be cleaned and reused if it doesn’t appear scratched or worn out.

Maytag Dryer Cycle Setup Error

To start a load right away, make sure the dryer is set on an Automatic or Timed Dry setting.

If it’s mistakenly set to the Wrinkle Reduction setting, a Maytag dryer will not start immediately.

This cycle uses periodic tumbling and fluffing to prevent wrinkles but doesn’t include an immediate start.

Drive motor failure

In the case of a humming noise but no start, this could indicate a failing drive motor or a blocked blower wheel.

As long as there are no obstructions on the blower wheel, the main issue will be the driven motor, which needs to be assessed and/or replaced at this point.

Overheating Maytag Dryer

Heating elements warm the air before it enters the dryer drum. It may produce heat continuously even if the dryer has reached the desired temperature if the element is partially shorted out.

In this case, the dryer becomes too hot. Check each terminal for continuity with the case using a multimeter to determine whether the heating element is faulty.

The heating element is shorted out if it has continuity with the case. Replace it if it is shorted.

Maytag dryer troubleshooting

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