Maytag dryer not spinning

Maytag dryer not spinning. There can be several reasons why your Maytag dryer is not spinning.

Many issues that can cause your Maytag to malfunction or spin intermittently can be fixed by following some basic troubleshooting.

Which we will detail in this post. First, though, let’s take a look at what you need to examine if your machine won’t spin.

Maytag dryer not spinningmaytag dryer not spinning 2022

here we will discuss some common issues and their solutions for the Maytag dryer not spinning.

Drum Roller not working

Most dryer drums can be turned freely by hand. If the drum feels locked up, there are probably worn out rollers. Rotate the belt tensioner out of the way, then try turning the drum by hand. If it doesn’t rotate freely but isn’t locked up (there is still vibration) the rear rollers are fine –

If it is locked up either the front or rear rollers are worn out – if only one roller is bad most likely that other one is pretty close to wearing out as well so replacing both at the same time will save you money in the long run.

Idler Pulley issue

If your Maytag dryer is not spinning, this problem might be due to a defective idler pulley. Inspect the pulley that connects to the dryer drum belt and ensure that it is spinning freely.

If the belt is broken or damaged it needs to be replaced in addition to fixing any damage to this component as well.

Damage Drum Bearing

To test the drum bearing, one first needs to look at the dryer belt. If it’s worn or broken, then this represents a problem and needs to be replaced with a new one. One can buy such a belt from their local hardware store.

Next, check if the bearing is worn out by turning it by hand. If it is worn out and no longer allows the drum to turn freely when moving by hand, then one needs to replace it with a new part by purchasing online or going to your local home improvement store.

Broken Drive Belt

Check the belt that turns the drum if a dryer stops turning. If you step on the latch and pull open the door and then pull down hard on one side of the door, it will pop off enough so you can reach into the back behind it, and there’s a pulley mounted from above by two screws – that’s where you feel for looseness.

Still holding onto the door, turn this pulley either way. If it’s loose, that means your belt is slipping because it’s broken underneath. Remove both screws, rotate the brittle belt off, and replace it with the new belt as indicated by the markings.

Problem with Drum Support Bearing

The drum bearing of the dryer may wear out over time and become susceptible to failure.

This could cause strain on the motor and ultimately result in you not being able to complete a cycle or having your clothes remain forever frozen in time within the icy garments of a never-ending cycle (and then we’d really have a situation on our hands).

Defective Drive Motor

The drum of the dryer turns either when the exhaust fan is turned on or when the belt attached to the drive motor is rotated.

With the belt off and the drum still on, give it a push yourself to see if it budges. If so, there may be obstructions inside that need cleaning out!

Remove attachments like fabric softener disks, etcetera, and make sure lint is not clumped up behind where they were inserted.

You can use a vacuum or take apart certain parts of your dryer at this point by using a screwdriver to loosen clamps in order to dislodge whatever might be causing the problem.

Once you’ve cleaned out your dryer to the best of your ability, reattach the belt and begin turning it manually. If you turn properly without resistance, chances are good there’s nothing wrong with your belt!

However, if after reattaching your belt, no movement takes place even when turning manually, then it’s time you purchase a replacement part as soon as possible!

Problem with Drum Slide

There may be a problem with one or more drum slides. Drum slides help support the front of the dryer drum. The drum slides on these plastic pieces as it rotates. Over time, they wear out, and if you keep using them, they could cause issues with your dryer’s motor.

If this happens, it may unexpectedly shut off, preventing your unit from moving forward. To determine if the glides are worn out, inspect them for wear by lightly running your finger across each one to see if there is any roughness or missing parts or cracks, etc.

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