Maytag Dryer Makes Noise

Maytag Dryer Makes Noise. A noisy dryer Maytag may not just be annoying, it may also indicate a significant problem that will affect the functioning of your laundry appliances.

While many of the possible causes will require the expertise of a repair technician, troubleshooting the problem will save downtime and may prevent even more serious issues from occurring in the future.

If you run into a problem with the dryer making loud noises, then perhaps now would be a good time to call your appliance repair company and have them investigate what is causing this issue and how they might be able to resolve it so you won’t encounter it again at some later date.

Maytag Dryer Makes Noisemaytag dryer makes noise

When the wheels that move the drum inside the dryer are clogged with lint, they can cause a rattling or tapping noise to come from the dryer.

This can be caused when dirt or hair gets wrapped around the axles of these moving parts.

Over time, as dirt and other debris work their way into the axle’s movement space, it can wear away at the metal causing them to lose their smooth action.

Problem With Idler Pulley

The dryer is often noisy because of its idler pulley. The idler pulley is the pulley that keeps tension on the belt and allows it to rotate smoothly.

To check whether your idler pulley needs replacing, first make sure the power to your dryer has been disabled.

Then if your dryer has a front panel that simply lifts off, you can access the back of the machine and remove the drum for easier access to its interior parts.

If not, you’ll need to remove all of the other panels just as I described above but some manufacturers will connect them differently or use more panels so don’t worry about getting confused.

Then spin fastened parts like rollers or drums by hand; if they resist or catch against each other when spun, replace them immediately because it means something’s wrong with them and soon enough it could cause further damage. By doing this simple check-up you might save yourself many expensive repairs.

Bearing Issue With Drumsbearing issue with drums

The dryer drum is balanced by a metal bearing that holds it in place during the spin cycle. Over time, this metal bearing has been known to make noises just from age or corrosion.

You can check on yours by removing the belt and simply turning the drum with your hands to see how it feels.

Grunting or squealing may also be an indication that something is wrong here.

If no noise is present but there seems to be excessive resistance when rotating, this could very well mean you’ll need to replace the bearing before long anyway so why not just pop off the back panel and see for yourself if you’re looking at a bad dryer drum bearing or not.

Drive Belt Failure

A drive belt is a long, slender belt that wraps all the way around the drum of your dryer and makes your clothes spin. Many times over time, a drive belt can become frayed or otherwise damaged from use.

This damage can create extra friction between the belt and other components which could cause noises during operation; there may also be other symptoms such as frequent breakdowns of your washing machine.

If you have noticed either of these problems happening to you, consider replacing your drive belt for optimal performance.

Damaged Maintenance Kit

If your dryer’s making a noise and you’re not sure which part to replace, you can purchase a dryer maintenance kit.

The kit comes with the parts that are most often blamed when things get noisy and that way you’re covered on all fronts. After all, it’s better safe than sorry. Search for your model number to find out what’s recommended for your appliance.

Defective Drive Motor

You might have to replace the bearings on your motor but, most of the time, this is not the problem area.

Before replacing your motor bearing it is necessary to check other parts that are more commonly defective first because sometimes these can cause the same problems as a bad motor bearing.

If you’ve checked all your other components and determined that they appear to be working properly, then most likely replacing the bearings on your motor will fix the problem.

Faulty Blower Wheel

The blower wheel draws hot air through the dryer and pushes it out of the vent. Sometimes small articles like socks or a handkerchief can escape the lint filter and get caught in the blower wheel.

If an object is caught in the blower wheel, your dryer will make some noise. When this happens to you, try checking for any obstructions in the vents or inside of the machine itself.

If no obstructions are present and there is still a problem with your blower wheel, then you may have to consider replacing it entirely as a last resort.

Roller Axle For Drums

Something about one of the drum rollers or axles is making this noise that we can’t stop! There are many pieces that make up a dryer, and before we catch the culprit we should probably go through them all to see what’s what.

The first thing you do when you walk up to your broken machine is removed its belt. Then give it a spin – the first parts you’ll feel for resistance will be its rollers so make sure to look for their condition.

If some of them feel loose and wobbly, then they have worn out and need replacing – but if they feel strong, clean, and smooth as they turn, you won’t need them changed just yet.

So we take another step in our journey into finding its root cause by looking at other problem parts like gears, heaters, or motors only when our search leads us back, here again, do we return to tackle its growing problems.

Maytag Dryer Makes Noise

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