Maytag Dishwasher Buttons Not Working

Maytag Dishwasher Buttons Not Working. The Maytag appliance brand is unquestionable. The dishwashers they manufacture last a long time with proper care. The Maytag dishwasher can be used to clean even light dirt from dishes.

Eventually, it may encounter some technical problems, just like many other appliances. One of them is a Maytag dishwasher start button that won’t turn the machine on. My professional experience has given me the knowledge to fix these machines.

Maytag Dishwasher Buttons Not Working

This article discusses how to troubleshoot Maytag dishwashers that don’t work.

Faulty Touchpadwhy maytag dishwasher buttons not working

Faulty touchpad The most common problem faced by dishwashers is the touchpad fault. This fault comes in an array of problems.

Some of the most common ones include a dirty display, no display, not working, and appearing faulty or cracked. These issues are minor and can be repaired easily.

You can even troubleshoot yourself at home if you have some knowledge about electronics, as a trained technician would do this task accurately.

So learn to identify the problem to fix it as soon as possible and save thousands of dollars on paying for a trained professional who might charge more than you could afford at this critical time.

Problem With Main Control Board

The main control panel regulates most of the dishwasher’s functions. It usually has a fusible link that protects the motor if there is a short circuit.

A faulty link will prevent voltage from reaching the touchpad, which means that buttons won’t light up unless it’s pressed.

Some dishwasher touchpads have additional buttons to aid in cleaning cycles, like air jets or heated drying; those buttons share the same circuit as the rest and will not work either.

The fuses typically get toasted due to overheating so make sure you test it first before replacing any other parts.

Control Panel And Touchpad

It’s important to ensure that the dishwasher is working properly if you’re having any issues with it.

If and when you discover that while the display of your Maytag dishwasher appears responsive, but the user interfacing buttons are not working, then both the touchpad and control panel will need to be replaced.

In order to solve this potential problem with your dishwasher, you should buy a new touchpad which serves as the main component in charge of detecting input and relaying it to the control panel.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed three main reasons why the Maytag dishwasher start button isn’t working.

Try these solutions to fix any problems with your start button. Do not lose your cool if your dishwasher still does not work. Contacting The Maytag repairman is the next logical step in troubleshooting.

Many consumers have complained about this problem, advising other people not to blindly trust the company leading many to believe that it’s not worth the money in terms of overall quality.

You should always check reviews by users prior to making any purchase decisions for Maytag products or anything else for that matter.

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