Mantis tiller won t start

Mantis tiller won t start. People who love farming and enjoy gardening know the struggle of keeping their soil loose and free of weeds.

There are many hand tools they can use to accomplish this; a popular one being a Mantis Tiller.

These tillers help with a lot more than just seeding and growing crops, because they easily remove hard, compact soil in as much time as it would take to do so by hand.

They also make quick work of removing and weeding out large weeds, saving your back from being sore after spending hours bent overdoing it traditionally.

Mantis tiller won t start

mantis tiller won t start

If your Mantis tiller refuses to start, you should double-check that the On/Off switch is on. Make sure no fuel lines or filters are clogged, and clean or replace them as needed. Check that the spark plug is not dirty or damaged and that the wire is not broken in any way.

So today’s topic is we are here to help you navigate some of the most common issues with your Mantis Tiller and what you can do about it.

Set Up The Stored Mantis Tiller

If you’re trying to operate an old Mantis tiller, then the first thing to do is to clean it up properly. The fuel tank and carburetor need to be drained completely before starting the engine.

You should realize that fuel that’s been sitting for over 30 days will lose its ability to ignite so drain the carburetor and depress the primer bulb multiple times to drain all remaining gas from the tank.

Once this is done fill the carburetor with fresh fuel, then let it sit for at least 30 minutes prior to going any further.

Now press the primer bulb again repeatedly until you start seeing fuel spray out of it, then rotate your spark plug a quarter turn from top dead center and try starting your Mantis tiller once more.

The spark plug is defective

the spark plug is defective

Inspect the spark plug on your Mantis tiller and check to see if it’s already in need of replacing. Determine if there are any signs of wear or damage.

Such as cracks or scratches on the porcelain portion and whether any of the wires in the center of the old spark plug have been exposed.

Also, check for any heavy buildup around the top portion where the wire connects to an electrode inside this area.

If you notice that there is a missing electrode or that carbon deposits have built up, purchase a new spark plug that can easily be installed by a do-it-yourself home maintenance enthusiast like yourself.

An ignition coil is faulty

When the engine is running, the ignition coil receives voltage from the battery and sends that electricity to the spark plug. If the ignition coil is not working properly, then your car may not start.

First, check if your spark plug is working properly before replacing the ignition coil.

If your testing reveals that both of these components are functioning properly, then use an ignition coil tester to confirm a defect in the ignition coil itself. Replacing it will fix your problem.

The Dirty carburetor

the dirty carburetor

Leaving fuel in an engine for too long can result in a clogged carburetor. Some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance.

This sticky fuel can clog up the carburetor and prevent the engine from starting. If the carburetor is clogged, try cleaning it with carburetor cleaner. If cleaning the carburetor isn’t effective, don’t worry this part is usually one of the more simple bolts to replace.

Start Switch issue

It is important to have a working start switch in your Mantis tiller. If the start switch is defective and you can no longer turn it on or off manually, you may need to replace it.

There are two methods to testing the continuity of the start switch: one using a multimeter and another using a digital ohmmeter.

The recoil starter assembly is not working

the recoil starter assembly is not working

A recoil starter allows the operator to start gas engines. If the assembly is defective, the engine will be unable to start.

Remove and inspect the assembly to determine if it’s working properly.

Reel the starter back in by pulling on its string with one hand and turning its small handle with the other hand until it locks in place.

When you release the string, its spring should reel it back in.

If not, pull on it again until you feel a click as its spring locks into position. The starter may need replacing if this does not correct this problem.

The flywheel key is broken

If the engine stops suddenly, the flywheel key breaks in half to prevent damage to the engine. To determine if the flywheel key is broken, remove the flywheel from the engine and inspect the flywheel key.

If it’s sheared but not disabled, then you may be able to use it again. However, you will need to replace it eventually as part of preventative maintenance service intervals, or sooner if it gets damaged during a crash.

Safety Switch not working

You can test a safety switch using a multimeter to verify if it is defective. Then replace it as soon as possible.

Mantis tiller won t start

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