Magic chef mini fridge not cooling

Magic chef mini fridge not cooling. Magic Chef is not just known because of their high quality but also because they are able to complement consumers’ needs. This is the reason why they came up with mini-fridges that can be placed in most rooms of a home.

The versatility and convenience are what draw people towards Magic Chef. However, some users are experiencing problems with their mini-fridges.

In fact, the Magic Chef mini fridge not cooling is one of the common issues reported by users. With that being said, if you’re interested in how to solve this problem, then make sure you check out our blog for more information.

Magic chef mini fridge not coolingmagic chef mini fridge not cooling

Why is the Magic chef mini fridge not cooling? Check to see if the condenser coils are dirty by conducting a visual inspection of the coils to determine if they are clogged with dust and/or lint. If the condenser coils are dirty, clean them by using a damp towel or shop vac.

The condenser fan is powered by its own motor, which draws air through the condenser coils (and not through the freezer compartment) and then over the compressor to keep everything working properly.

Defrost Control Board

The defrost control board is one of the main parts of a refrigerator. It tells the fridge how many times to kick off a defrost cycle and when to kick it off so that the heating coils beneath the evaporator don’t get clogged up with frost.

If there’s any kind of damage to this part, it won’t tell your fridge how many cycles it should go through in order to melt the ice off.

So instead, if a fridge gets stuck in an infinite loop, you might get things like – no cooling inside or even more serious results such as an overheating motor resulting in a fire.

However our tech support is here to help, but we need you to know that replacing it yourself will not fix anything properly and besides, getting it repaired or replacing this product is not the end all be all for the problem.

Evaporator Coils problem

If the coils of the mini-fridge have ice buildup, then its cooling system won’t start working, and you won’t be able to store food. The defrost timer will stop functioning if it is frosted over.

The coils that are secured inside a metal casing release moisture through refrigerant as part of the cycle of converting waste energy into cool air, which causes ice to build upon it.

In order to avoid this, you can make use of some hot air so that the fins can heat up and melt the ice. Then you will take out the melted ice with a vacuum cleaner and put cold items back into the mini-fridge.

Defrost Thermometer issue

The defrost thermostat is a crucial component to consider when dealing with the Magic Chef mini fridge’s inability to cool. Temperature information is collected by defrosting thermostats from the thermometer attached to the evaporator coil.

When the temperature sensors alert contacts that shut down a voltage to the defrost heater when it drops below a certain level, thawing any ice or frost that has accumulated on your refrigerator coils.

Faulty defrost thermal sensors may cause power transmission problems. In some cases, a continuity test can confirm whether or not your refrigerator has a problem with its defrost thermostat.

In this case, remove all accumulated liquid and any obstructions, such as frost and other minerals caused by hard water, in an under-sink installation and replace the thermometer.

 Evaporator Fan Motor fault evaporator fan motor fault

The most obvious way to tell if your evaporator fan motor is working is to check that its blades are rotating smoothly.

If they aren’t, they need to be replaced, but if they are not doing anything at all, even when you’ve pressed the “defrost” button on your thermostat panel or tried shorting out the two wires that turn the power on and off.

Then either the motor has burned out completely, or a voltage problem somewhere in your system has stopped it from functioning properly.

And replacing it with another one could solve the problem as long as your refrigerator internals are still in good condition (in other words: if you don’t have some other major mechanical faults lying around).

Defective Defrost Timer

The defrost timer can be used to turn on the defrost cycle when frost builds up on your refrigerator’s coils.  Its main purpose is, in fact, to defrost the coils and prevent them from becoming clogged.

If your freezer has a problem with frost buildup, however, it may not function normally as the accumulation of frost can impede the flow of heat conduction through your appliance.

When this happens, you will have to turn off the power and get your fridge fixed. Switching out the bad timer for a new one is definitely recommended.

Faulty Damper Control Assembly

Mini-fridges have this component that regulates and moves the cold air while increasing its temperature. Verify if the damper assembly is working properly and if it is broken or malfunctioning.

You might have broken something within your refrigerator during a self-installation if your mini-fridge isn’t cooling down.

A licensed technician can help identify what needs to be fixed at this time; however, repairing any damages yourself might also be an option in terms of budgeting.

Start relay doest not work

Compressors must have certain parts that give them the power to start and run smoothly. One of these components is referred to as a start relay. This device is sensitive to heat, just like any other electrical appliance.

Thus if you have noticed that there are fridges with burn marks on them, check if the compressor has been overheated because it might be by the failure of the start relay.

Try to test the equipment and see if it is working properly or not. If there are problems noted then replace the damaged part with a new one.

Magic chef mini fridge not cooling

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