Luxaire Furnace Troubleshooting

Luxaire Furnace Troubleshooting. Furnaces are crucial to an efficient, comfortable indoor environment, whether you’re in winter or summer.

Without this handy heating and cooling system, most of us wouldn’t be able to survive the cold in the winter or fatigue in the heat of summer.

While furnaces do require upkeep and maintenance, as with all machines, they usually continue to work well with these few requirements met.

However, sometimes a furnace will act up or stop working altogether, making it hard to enjoy life comfortably indoors.

If your furnace is malfunctioning or having difficulty starting up altogether, keep reading for our list of tips and tricks for troubleshooting a wayward furnace.

Luxaire Furnace Troubleshooting

luxaire furnace troubleshooting

In this article, we discuss how to troubleshoot some problems with Luxaire furnaces.

Luxaire Furnace Blower Doesn’t Work

If the capacitor is defective, the fan motor might make squealing noises, overheat, or run intermittently.

To determine if the capacitor has failed, inspect the capacitor for bulging or leakage. If the capacitor is contaminated with oil or solvents, replace it.

The capacitor can also be checked with an ohmmeter by applying power from a battery and checking for resistance between its two leads.

Blower motors deliver warm air through a home’s ducting and into the vents, providing necessary warmth.

Before inspecting any other component related to this central heating appliance, make sure it is receiving power.

If the air blower fan is receiving power but does not run, it may be defective. Use caution in case an electrical short causes the motor to spark or arc.

The blower motor can be replaced if it is defective; otherwise, check its wiring harness for frayed insulation or broken wires that may cause arcing or sparking.

Luxaire Furnace Stops After Starting

If the pressure switch doesn’t close properly when your burner has sufficient airflow, then the ignition process will stall, and your furnace will stop functioning.

This is because your furnace takes readings from the pressure switch to determine whether or not it should continue with the ignition process.

If a hookup to your multimeter finds that your pressure switch does, in fact, not have continuity, then immediately replace it, as it could be causing added stress for you is kept.

A flame sensor detects whether or not there is a flame on the burner. The flame sensor may not detect a flame if it fails to perform its job correctly, regardless of how clean it is.

In the event that the flame sensor does not detect a flame, the control board will shut off power to the gas valve to prevent the furnace from overheating. This could occur if one were to notice that no gas was going out at all as well.

The furnace couldn’t light itself without this issue, so make sure you inform your customer about coming back if this is what happens.

Luxaire Furnace Makes Noise

The blower wheel of a furnace removes air from the furnace and pushes it throughout the house. Set screws to attach the blower wheel to the motor shaft.

A loose set screw will cause the blower wheel to wobble on the motor shaft, causing vibration and noise. Try tightening the set screw first, as that is likely to have caused the excessive noise.

Be sure to inspect the condition of the blower wheel as well before drawing any conclusions based solely on visual inspection.

If you find that your blower wheel is damaged, replace it immediately and get yourself back up and running.

Using the draft inducer motor, the air is drawn into the burner and then expelled through the flue.

If a clog is preventing air from entering the unit or if something is obstructing the flue, there may be an increase in volume coming from this motor. If the sounds this motor produces are excessive, you will want to replace them.

Luxaire Furnace Will Not Heat

The power supply to the furnace is controlled by the wall thermostat. It has electrical contacts that turn the furnace on or off.

This will prevent the furnace from turning on if the thermostat contacts fail. To determine if it’s defective, use a multimeter to test for continuity. Replacing it if there is no continuity will fix the problem.

The igniter on your furnace glows red to light the gas burner. An igniter problem may prevent the furnace from heating.

Inspect the igniter for cracks, as cracked igniters will not function properly. If the igniter is cracked, you’ll need to replace it.

It can be tested, however, if the igniter does not have continuity using a multimeter if it is not cracked. If there isn’t continuity in an intact igniter, then you’ll have to buy a new one.

Luxaire Furnace Blower Continuously Runs

The wall thermostat has electrical contacts controlling the power supply to the furnace. If this contact sticks closed it will send a continuous circuit to the blower motor, causing the motor to run continuously.

To determine if it’s defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If you find that there is no continuity between the (R) and (G) terminals when the thermostat is in the off position then obviously it has failed and so it would be an appropriate time for you to replace it.

The control board of your furnace has relays that regulate how much voltage goes to each component inside.

One of the relays can be damaged, which may cause the blower motor to run continuously if too much voltage is sent to it.

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