LG microwave turntable not turning

LG microwave turntable not turning. LG Microwave ovens are a common household item in each and every household or apartment. Regardless of a one’s location, it is likely that they all own at least one.

Microwaves are convenient for many things like cooking, reheating, defrosting food, as well as baking desserts. Although microwaves help with many aspects in the kitchen such as reheating or making popcorn, they have their limitations.

If you have a microwave that doesn’t heat things properly after repairing all other potential problems (listed below), then be sure to contact a repair service in your area and get things going again.

LG microwave turntable not turningwhy lg microwave turntable not turning

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions.

Drive couplings for glass trays may be damaged

If your microwave oven’s turntable is not turning and stops or gets stuck, it could be that the drive coupling assembly might have become broken or worn down from age. Gently pull the coupling off from the motor that drives your microwave’s turntable to inspect it for damage.

 Broken Glass Tray Support

If the turntable on your microwave oven isn’t turning, the glass tray may have broken. The glass tray is supported by a drive arm that is attached to the housing by switching back and forth between two gears.

Gently grab each side of the arm near its connection to the housing and try to pull it away from the housing. It should slide off easily if it doesn’t then this means you need a replacement drive arm as well as a replacement tray.

Damage Turntable Motor

Test the motor’s continuity with a multimeter. If the turntable motor does not have continuity, troubleshoot the cause of the problem and make repairs accordingly before attempting to run again.

Replace the control and display board

The power board might be faulty. However, the motor is probably more likely to be at fault. First, check that the power supply for the motor (which powers the turntable) is in good working order by plugging it into a different circuit.

If the motor doesn’t get any power, consider replacing or testing the user control and display board on the device.

If either of these parts of your dishwasher is defective, rather than both you should probably consider checking what’s wrong with your dishwasher and concentrating on fixing one or two vital areas where problems may have developed rather than taking away from time spent working in another area which may not have been affected by previous issues after all.

 Defective Touchpad

If the touchpad of your record player is not working, it is possible that the turntable motor is not functioning properly. Before you begin troubleshooting, make sure to test the turntable motor.

If it’s working well, you may have a defective touchpad. To determine if your touchpad is defective, press down each button on its face panel. A new touchpad should be used if some of the buttons respond correctly but others don’t.

Faulty Main Control Board

If the main control board is not turning the device on, then it may mean that there are multiple issues involving the turntable motor. The malfunction is more likely to be caused by something that occurs before you start tracking down errors.

If it does not, then one of these two factors is causing the defect: an issue with wiring or a major problem with the electrical outlet into which you are plugging in your record player.

 Replacement of Touchpad and Control Panel

Touchpads and control panels might be defective. Turntable motors are more likely to have issues. A defective control panel or touchpad is also a possibility.

To determine if the touch plate and control panel are defective, check to see if you can power up the turntable motor by first pressing its on/off switch located underneath some of your microscope’s internal housing.

If one of your motor buttons comes in contact with something other than your turntable motor then you may have problems within both your touchpad and control panel components.

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