LG dryer not spinning

LG dryer not spinning. LG Dryers can be a real pain in the neck sometimes, and because of their high technical demands sometimes we need to take expert advice when it comes down to solving our problems.

But there are things that even we as non-expert can do from home to alleviate this situation.

Broken drum belts are usually the main reason why our machines simply won’t spin anymore. The belt should create a lot of resistance when trying to turn it manually with your hand at the back of your dryer. The belt is probably broken so no need to check further if you can detect it like this!

LG dryer not spinningdryer not spinnings

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions for LG dryer not spinning.

Defective Drum Roller

Some dryers have two rollers on the rear of the drum, and two rollers on the front.  . In order for these parts to work properly, they need to rotate freely.

If one of your drum rollers is worn out, it can result in a malfunction with the spin cycle and prevent your machine from functioning correctly.

To diagnose this problem, remove your dryer belt and try turning your drum by hand. If it does not rotate freely, consider replacing all worn parts as quickly as possible otherwise, you might end up with more trouble down the road!

Don’t forget that there are many options when it comes to dryer drum rollers — we recommend choosing ones that best fit your needs and ones that you won’t mind having used in such a sensitive area as a dryer.

Drum Bearing Faults

A dryer’s belt controls the drum and tumbler rotation, resulting in proper drying. If your dryer either turns too slowly or fast, a worn-out drum bearing could be the culprit. Before checking whether replacement is needed, however, remove the belt to inspect it for fraying and cracking.

Also see if you can detect that there may be objects caught in between the drum and/or tumbler. Once done with inspection, determine whether the bearing or bushing of your drum needs replacing. A faulty bearing or bushing will make a grinding noise when turned manually.

Defective Idler Pulley

Inspect the pulley on the dryer motor and make sure it is spinning freely and easily. If the idler pulley is stuck, worn or damaged.

We recommend replacing it as well as replacing the belt because a new drive belt will stretch over time which will cause your dryer to vibrate more than it should.

Drive Motor Issue

LG dryers have great capabilities, but even they can be faced with problems here and again. If your LG dryer isn’t spinning, then it may be time to troubleshoot the issue.

Sometimes there are easy fixes, like checking the blower wheel for things like other objects or lint that might possibly cause it to stop spinning or push air properly.

If that isn’t the issue, then you may want to consider enlisting some help of a professional dryer repair service as it is likely that you need a new motor!

Insufficient Input Power

If your LG dryer is taking too long to heat up or you see that all of the lights are dimmed and appear as if they are all shut off, this means that your dryer isn’t getting enough power. Your LG dryer won’t turn on or operate properly if it doesn’t have an adequate and steady supply of electrical power.

To test whether or not you have a good outlet, plug in another appliance such as a lamp; if the appliance turns on, it may be that your outlet is low-powered.

Damage Drum Slide

One or more of the drum glides is worn out. The drum glides are small plastic pieces that support the front of the dryer drum. As this part turns, it slides on these plastic pieces.

As sundry other parts wear out over time and use, the glides begin to stick, resulting in the front of the dryer drum being supported in a very imperfect way.

If this happens for too long and becomes serious enough, it can start causing all kinds of hazards for your dryer to function properly.

So if you find yourself in a situation like this, you should check whether or not your dryer’s drum glide needs to be replaced by installing a new set at once.

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