Lawnmower won’t start after winter

Lawnmower won’t start after winter. Gardening can be a gratifying hobby, but it does require time and dedication to the cause. Once we take up this passion, we must make sure we’re spending our time and resources wisely, or else we may risk burning out pretty quickly if we don’t maintain ourselves properly.

For instance, if you have a lawnmower that breaks down because it isn’t maintained properly or is used excessively, then you might need to consider getting a gas-powered mower as well as buying yourself a weed whacker as you don’t want your lawn looking shabby as a result of running out of financial capital.

Be wise about how you’re putting your energy into the project so that you can continue enjoying its returns.

Lawnmower won’t start after winter
lawnmower wont start after winter 2022

Turn off your lawn mower after a couple of starting attempts, and give the spark plug wire a gentle tug to see if it’s loose. If it is, push it back onto the plug and try starting the mower again.

If there isn’t any difference, remove the spark plug with a wrench and clean the gap with an Emory board.

Make sure you have fresh fuel in there otherwise your carburetor needs to be taken apart as well as drained of stale fuel and refilled.

There is a problem with the battery

Lawnmower batteries can last anywhere from 2-5 years depending on use. If your lawn mower’s battery is not holding a charge long enough or is completely dead, try using a battery charger.

If the battery won’t hold a charge at all, you’ll need to replace it. Though the battery may have worked before, over time batteries lose power and may not work as well anymore.

Replacement batteries for lawn mowers can be purchased at major retailers.

 The spark plug is dead the spark plug is dead

The spark plug is an important component in your lawnmower. It’s designed to ignite the gas so that the blades can whir around.

But if one of the electrodes has come loose or has been removed, there will be no ignition to speak of so it’s important to keep the spark plugs oiled and intact.

Otherwise, your mower won’t cut grass as it should and you might not like what happens after consumption (or use).

That’s why this small but essential part needs to be cleaned after every use especially if you’ve accidentally gotten some fuel on it and/or if some crud has gathered around the area where it’s positioned.

As we always say: The spark plug is tiny but it holds a lot of power over how well your lawnmower will function.

Fortunately, replacing a spark plug is easy and inexpensive; especially with help from one of our expert technicians.

Your carburetor is clogged with buildup

Leftover a span of time, gas will cause buildup to clog the carburetor or stale fuel can enter the float bowl. Solution: Drain the old fuel from the float bowl and thoroughly clean the carburetor with carburetor cleaner.

If it’s clogged beyond cleaning or you’re unable to clean it effectively, the entire carburetor may need to be replaced.

You’ll also need to drain old gasoline from your lawnmower tank and replace it with fresh fuel mixed with an appropriate amount of fuel stabilizer to prevent sludge buildup.

Be sure to read your manual for instructions specific to your model about how to safely drain gas from the tank.

Clogged Intake Filterclogged intake filter

You need to make sure that your lawnmower is in good condition. And the best way to ensure this is by regularly inspecting and maintaining it. The filter usually needs cleaning after every two weeks.

All you need to do is check the manual (for push and riding mowers) and follow the instructions on how to turn them over, get them cleaned, and how to re-install them into position.

And then, before taking your next ride along with your backyard, be sure to check all of the other parts for signs of wear and tear such as oil levels, cracks or bulges in tires, etc.

Main Jet cleaning

In order to properly clean a lawnmower engine, one should first turn the fuel valve off as well as drain the fuel from the carburetor bowl.

After this is complete, one can remove the spark plug cap and then proceed with cleaning out the main jet. This jet should be freed from dirt or old gasoline by gently pushing a stick through it.

Since main jets can be extremely delicate, one must make sure to avoid pushing too hard on them.

Check and Change the Oil

It’s recommended that you check and change the oil in your lawnmower when the engine is cold. This will ensure that you have an accurate reading of the oil level by using a dipstick or clean cloth.

Ensure that no debris falls into the crankcase to maintain a healthy lawnmower. You can then check and change the oil to fix this issue.

Start by locating the fill cap on the crankcase and wiping it down, along with checking its capacity to see if there’s room for more oil. Then, drain the old one and add some fresh fluid as mentioned to fix any leakage.


Lawnmower wont start after winter. Lawn Mower Maintenance is essential to keeping your lawnmower in top-notch shape. In order to get the most out of your lawnmower, you’ll need to make sure it’s properly maintained.

If you have any questions or maintenance needs while going through the process of keeping your lawn mower clean and running smoothly just ask one of our experts who can give you some pointers on what kinds of things you should keep an eye out for.

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