Kitchenaid Dryer Won’t Start

Kitchenaid Dryer Won’t Start. A running washing machine is a cause of great comfort, but if your machine goes on lockdown during the middle of a load, you might have to switch gears. A clothing-choked dryer needs assistance: the drum can’t turn when it’s packed with soaked items.

KitchenAid dryer troubleshooting includes adjustments and DIY fixes as well as part failures and mechanical repairs. Find out why we recommend you leave this job to pros – plus how frequent repairs can be an early red flag for bigger issues (like a washer jamming).

KitchenAid Dryer Won’t Startdryer won't start

Listed below are some problems with KitchenAid dryers when they won’t start.’

Defective Drive Motor

One of the more serious problems that can occur when an appliance like a dryer isn’t starting is when the dryer’s motor isn’t working properly.

The drive motor hums as it rotates the drum and shaft system with a pulley attached to spin it.

Besides this noise, you may also notice that your dryer squeaks or groans loudly as it heats up.

The drive motor is usually located at the rear of a washer and will have no difficulty accessing it to find out if there are any problems with the motor or if there is any damage caused by electrical issues.

Problem With The Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse is a safety device found in a few of today’s dryers that prevents overheating from becoming dangerously hot.

It is connected to the heating cycle of the dryer and will typically interrupt power to the drive motor if it overheats which would otherwise render the appliance inoperable.

A thermal fuse should never be tampered with or replaced by anyone other than someone who has been trained to service their specific model or brand.

Some brands of appliances will use more than one thermal fuse for added protection against accidental damage like fire, smoke, boil-over, or even small fires.

Cause Of The Timer

It’s possible the timer is not connected correctly. Before replacing the timer, check all the other parts that are most likely to be defective when it comes to the touchpad.

If after testing the potential faulty parts you find they’re working properly then try to test the timer by using a multimeter and checking to see where it goes on your wiring diagram.

If it turns out that you need a new one then go ahead and replace it but if everything else checks out then double-check your wiring before you buy a new part because there’s always a chance that the connector was simply unplugged.

Fault On Main Control Board

The control board might be defective. To rule out other parts, first, check all of the more commonly broken components. If everything else is functional, replace the control board.

Testing the control board would be very difficult (it’s impossible really), but you can inspect it for signs that it might need to be replaced before going ahead with that decision.

Error With Belt Switch

On many dryers, when the belt breaks, the motor will continue running but the drum won’t turn. However, some models have a switch that shuts off power to the machine if the belt is broken.

If this switch fails it could shut off power even when it shouldn’t. First, check if your dryer makes a humming noise when you try to restart it.

This indicates that a defective belt switch is probably not to blame for your lack of drying success. Next search for your model number.

Learn whether your machine has a belt switch or not and if so you can use a multimeter to test the continuity of this part before deciding whether to invest in fixing or replacing it.

Failed Door Switch

The door switch on most dryers is activated when the door to the dryer is closed. On some, a clicking sound can be heard when the switch triggers, but if it doesn’t click then this is not necessarily an indication that the switch needs replacing.

In fact, if the dryer washes without any problem and the drum turn freely without any sticking even if there are no warning signs of an issue revealed through diagnostics, in many cases nothing would be gained from replacing this particular piece of hardware.

Malfunctioning Start Switch

To decide if the start switch is at fault, attempt to switch the dryer on. If it starts up and runs, but there isn’t much heat inside the machine then the issue is not with the start-switch.

But if you can hear a noise but nothing happens, or it just doesn’t respond then it may be faulty. Use a multimeter to test whether there’s continuity across the terminals in question if not, you will need to replace the switch.

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