Kitchenaid dishwasher start button not working

Kitchenaid dishwasher start button not working. There are few kitchen gadgets as useful as KitchenAid dishwashers.

While they are generally made to last and work very well in most instances, there can be problems including power or start buttons not functioning well on these devices.

This sort of problem typically occurs due to reasons we’ll explain later. Firstly, as you might expect, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that your KitchenAid dishwasher is kept clean and in good repair.

Kitchenaid dishwasher start button not working

kitchenaid dishwasher start button not working

Attempting to troubleshoot your dishwasher if something is wrong is not a difficult task.

If your dishwasher’s start button isn’t functioning as it should, then follow our step-by-step guide below to solve the issue.

Replacing the Touchpad

Verify that the dishwasher display is working first.

When the display is working, try pressing some of the touchpad buttons to see if they respond correctly.

The touchpad is sometimes sold separately, but other manufacturers ask you to buy everything in one package, so replace them together with a new control panel when you swap out your gremlins.

Defective Main Control Board

In modern dishwashers, the main control board is essentially the brain of the machine and can take care of nearly every task.

For instance, it may be used to estimate when the dishes are done so that they don’t spend too much time on drying mode.

Dishwashers can provide different gentle cycles depending on what kind of food was leftovers versus raw meat or hard vegetables. These cycles have to be programmed in advance.

It may not send voltage to the dishes’ touchpads if something goes wrong with the main control board, causing them not to respond to passenger commands.

Not properly closed Door

Sometimes the dishwasher door will get stuck which causes the start button light to stay lit. Make sure that you’re closing the door properly.

KitchenAid dishwashers are notorious for installing their lower racks backward so the racks won’t be able to latch completely and this can result in it not being closed right and therefore preventing the start button from responding until you close it properly.

The Water Supply is not turned on

In many cases, we forget to turn on the water when we use the dishwasher for the first time. And after doing so many times, your fingers might even press the button without you even being aware.

Then unfortunately that means you have a dishwasher that won’t ever be powered on until you set things right by turning your water supply source back on and pressing the start button once again.

If you don’t know how to check your dishwasher for these problems and how to fix them then make sure to check the instruction manual for this information of the model you have which should outline exactly how everything is quick and easy to take care of, once and for all.

Sleep Mode is activated

Sometimes, KitchenAid dishwashers will automatically enter sleep mode. To turn a dishwasher that is in the sleep mode back on and make it functional.

Press the cancel/drain button to drain the washtub entirely; then unplug your dishwasher for about 30 minutes before plugging it back in for use.

Sometimes manufacturers intentionally design products to enter into a sleep mode so that the device does not have to run directly off of battery life.

The delayed wash is activated

One of the most common reasons for your Start button not working is if you have intentionally selected DELAYED WASH by mistake, which keeps the dishwasher from starting.

You can cancel delayed wash by pressing CANCEL to cancel out this function, and your Start button will work properly once again when you press that.

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