Kenmore washer won t spin

Kenmore washer won t spin. If your Kenmore washer isn’t spinning, then that’s a problem. It means you’ll have wet clothes and an appliance with problems.

Unfortunately, unlike other appliances like a microwave oven, you can’t just nuke your laundry in the dryer to speed up the drying process unless uniformly wrinkled clothing is something you’re willing to deal with.

Kenmore washer won’t spinkenmore washer won't spin

If the drive belt is broken or loose, replace it. The motor coupling connects the motor to the washing machine transmission.

If the washer is overloaded or a lacks proper lubrication, the motor coupling will wear in order to protect both itself and its partner, the transmission.

If you have a defective door latch, you may experience a problem with your washer spinning or shutting off too early.

The motor coupling is broken

The motor coupling connects both the transmission and engine of your washing machine.

The washer can be overloaded or have too much traction on its wheels, which will increase wear and tear on the motor coupling and trigger it to fail in order to protect both itself and the transmission.

The motor coupling could also be linked to wear and tear on its own. Inspect the motor coupling, often connected to exhaust pipes, to determine if it is broken or damaged.

If the motor coupling is showing signs of damage, replace it either on your own or with help from a professional who is trained in automotive repair.

The lid switch does not work

The lid switch assembly helps determine when the lid is open or closed. You can use a continuity meter to see if the washer is having trouble detecting whether or not the lid is open or closed.

If the lid switch is broken, you need to replace it as soon as possible before damage occurs.

The door latch may failthe door latch may fail

The door latch is a mechanism for securely fastening a washing machine door in place so that it doesn’t open during use.

When the door is properly latched, an electrical current will pass from one part to another creating a circuit.

If the door latch fails either mechanically or electrically, it can prevent the washing machine from spinning and/or starting.

In either case, you should inspect the door latch to see if there are any obvious signs of physical damage first as this may already be enough to justify replacing it.

You can then go ahead and test each switch with a multimeter to determine if it’s been damaged electrically (by not completing the circuit) or either just put out by itself or faulty altogether. Then replace accordingly.

 Defective Motor Control Board

The motor control board provides power to the drum of your washing machine. Without a working motor control, the machine may not function properly, or it may stop functioning altogether.

First, check the components on the motor control board for burnout. While doing this, check to see if there is any blockage impeding circulation to and from the pump that circulates water throughout the washing machine.

If you determine that the motor control board has power but isn’t passing it along to the drum, replace it completely as any problems with your washing machine will continue to persist until you find out what’s causing them, and don’t forget you may be washing clothes while they’re still dirty.

Faulty Drive Pulley

The drive pulley provides the connection between the motor and an accessory, such as a washer drum, that rotates in response to the operation of the motor.

If the drive pulley is worn, the tension on the drive belt might be insufficient to keep it from slipping off of its pulley as it turns. Remove and inspect a defective drive pulley.

If you determine that a new one should be installed, put it in place according to the manufacturer’s instructions before operating your washer.

A worn-out clutcha worn out clutch

The clutch band basically helps the transmission situate itself within the inner tub. It is used to help the transmission slowly get up to the proper spin speed, which makes it easier for your tub to spin without issue.

One thing you’ll most certainly find if you need clutch band replacement parts is that if your clutch is worn out.

Then it may not be able to operate properly and thus would prevent your entire tub from spinning as a result of that particular component malfunctioning.

Therefore, one should always ensure their clutch bands are in good condition with quality replacements parts bought from a nearby Autozone.

When a bearing fails

The outer tube is the part of the washing machine that spins. Sometimes the bearings wear out, preventing it from spinning properly. If replacing the bearing doesn’t help, replacing the entire part is usually necessary.

Bearings are usually sold separately, and there should normally be a compatible replacement available. Replace as an assembly if not available.

Replacing could get costly if parts aren’t found – consider buying a new machine instead or look into getting other people to fix it on your behalf if they’re willing.

Transmission might be faulty

What type of washer do you have? Transmission failure is a common problem, but not something one should go out to purchase in search of unless the transmission fails before even receiving your new appliance.

A lot of transmissions fail within the first year or even shortly after the warranty. Wash cycles are not properly completed once this happens and if the transmission goes out on yours, the machine might still work but won’t operate as effectively as it’s supposed to.

Broken door lock

Inspection of the door’s strike assembly is mandatory. If it has any sort of damage, immediately replace it with a new one.

The door’s strike cannot be repaired if it is broken or damaged, a new one must be installed on the door immediately.

Problems with Basket Drive

When the basket drive won’t spin, and the transmission is engaging to spin, and the outer tub isn’t spinning or spinning slowly, then check for worn-out tabs on the basket drive.

It is likely that you will want to check your clutch pads if the drive block and tabs are in good condition. Your basket drive may need replacing if it is worn.

Kenmore washer won t spin

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