Kenmore vacuum brush not spinning

Kenmore vacuum brush not spinning. Vacuuming is a tedious job, one that nobody likes to do. It can however be amazing if you happen upon a vacuum cleaner that really gets the job done.

One of the many things that need to be working in order for your vacuum to function efficiently is the brushes underneath.

If these aren’t spinning or moving, your vacuum won’t produce enough suction and therefore, not pick up dirt and debris effectively.

If you notice the brushes are stuck or broken then it’s time to contact someone for repairing or replacing affected parts.

Kenmore vacuum brush not spinningwhy vacuum brush not spinning

You’re cleaning your Kenmore carpet vacuum and disaster strikes as you realize that the brush won’t spin. This is one of the most common malfunctions when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners. There are many reasons why a Kenmore vacuum might not be spinning, but if you want to get it up and running again, try checking the following.

Brushroll cleaning

If a vacuum brush roll ever gets clogged, it can stop spinning altogether and result in a loss of suction. You can avoid this problem altogether by cleaning your vacuum regularly.

If you need to clean your vacuum cleaner, make sure you set aside twenty minutes to finish the job thoroughly because otherwise, you might find that you aren’t getting all of the dirt that’s causing the problem.

Defective Brushroll Motor

If a power switch seems to be working fine but the unit still doesn’t turn on, it’s possible that the motor is receiving insufficient power.

This can result from any number of reasons, including a bad cord or loose connection right at the unit, an overloaded circuit (every vacuum has its own recommended wattage), or a bad motor.

If a power switch isn’t getting any response when it’s turned on, even though the motor turns freely and there are fewer things in its way from stopping it from turning, then the motor may very well need replacement.

The drive belt is broke

Inspect the belt to see if it is broken or. If the drive belt is worn, replace it with a new one.

And check if all the other components of your treadmill are properly connected, and you can actually hear it making a sound when switched on.

The vacuum cleaner belt is broken

Inspect the belt to see if it is stretched out, broken, or still in place. If the vacuum cleaner belt is stretched out, broken.

Or not in place replace it by going to the vacuum cleaner section of a store and purchasing a replacement vacuum cleaner belt, and bringing it back home.

The cogged belt is broken

Inspect the belt to see if it is broken, stretched out, or out of place. If the cogged belt is broken or stretched out, replace it. If it’s properly aligned you do not need to change it.

Hair and built-up dirt must be removed

In order to clean your vacuum cleaner’s brush roller, first, remove it from the machine. If your roller is not working properly, you may notice a lot of hair, string, or floss woven into the bristles of the said roller as well as tangled up amongst each other which can impede on how well the roller rolls.

You should try and untangle these tangle with your hands, cutting away any hair or string that you happen to find along the way.

Once you have removed the large debris entangled around the brush roller, you can move on to handling the small things.

Use a damp sponge or brush to fully clean the roller and all of its underlying bristles. Let dry before returning to use then check beneath your vacuum cleaner to make sure there’s nothing clogging up not allowing sufficient suction power through your machine.

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