Kenmore Stack Washer Dryer Troubleshooting

Kenmore Stack Washer Dryer Troubleshooting. Some of the most common issues that can occur with Kenmore washer and dryer combos are problems with the washer not correctly filling or rinsing, or issues with the drum not wanting to start spinning.

Sometimes, you might encounter an issue where there is no water coming out of the drain in your washer. Another common issue encountered by users is when a washer gets stuck in the middle of a cycle.

Kenmore Stack Washer Dryer Troubleshootingkenmore stack washer dryer troubleshooting

It sounds like the belt is bad. One solution would be to take off the belt, see if it turns and run when it’s not attached, if it does then you know that your motor is fine but you need a new belt.

Control Board Issues

It’s rare, but the main control board can have problems, too. Replacement part costs for the main control board are usually high for a reason. Before replacing the main control board in your device, first, check that there isn’t a defective or broken part elsewhere in it by checking out each of its components.

Timer Error

The timer is a critical component of your washing machine. A wire inside the timer seizes and interrupts power which causes the washer to shut off before finishing the full cycle.

Before replacing the timer, check for obvious signs that will indicate why your washer won’t finish a cycle, such as standing water or a burning smell that might be a belt burning off.

These are just two examples of possible malfunctions with other parts in your machines such as the drum, pump, or motor.

Defective Power Corddefective power cord

First of all, check that the power outlet to the washer’s connected to a working electrical supply.

If you do have power from an outlet, but the water is not getting into it at all then you may need to look into replacing something like a pipe or perhaps your pump which may be busted and for which you’ll need to consult a repair specialist.

However, if there is power leaving the wall socket, first use a multimeter to check the cord for current before anything else as this would point to an issue with your main wiring in your house and this means you’re going to need professional help.

A Kenmore Washer Will Not Spin

Motor Coupling Problemmotor coupling problem

The washing machine’s motor coupling is connected to the transmission. If the washer is overloaded, the motor coupling will fail in order to protect both the motor and transmission.

The washing machine also uses a couple of other parts that connect everything together like the water hose which lets water flow from your house’s plumbing into the appliance.

These and other parts should be inspected whenever there’s an issue with your washer so that you can determine if what you’re doing troubleshooting actually needs replacing.

 Assembled Lid Switch

The lid switch prevents the washer from spinning when the lid is open. The lid switch also sounds a warning tone when it detects that the lid has been left open after the cycle is complete.

If the lid switch fails to do either of these tasks, replace it by turning off the power and removing two screws from inside of the washer, then disconnecting two wire harnesses.

Disconnect three wires from inside of the control panel and remove them with a small flathead screwdriver.

One ground wire, one red wire, and one white wire are connected to the control board assembly which should be taken out. Be sure to check for any wear or damage on these parts before replacing them as well.

Error With Clutch

In addition to the transmission, the clutch assembly connects the inner tub to the transmission. This makes it enable the inner tub to gradually get up to its proper spin speed.

If the clutch is worn out, this may prevent the tub from spinning. It’s not replaceable if it’s worn out, so you need to replace it.

A Kenmore Washer Will Not Drain

Hose Or Pump Clogged

Sometimes small items such as socks or towels can end up in the laundry detergent dispenser tray of washing machines.

These items block the washing machine drain pump, which stops water flow through the laundry machine and requires a technician visit to unblock it.

 Issue of Coin Traps

Washing machines often have a trap door fitted at the bottom for accepting coins. This can lead to excessive debris collecting inside which can cause trouble when machine drainage doesn’t take place.

As such, if you’re having trouble with your washing machine and it doesn’t seem to be draining properly, you should check that the trap is still able to freely open and close as well as any other pipes connected to this area.

If there is noticeable impaction or clogging, the material will need to be manually disposed of in order for your wash cycle to continue without a hitch.

Defective Drain Pump

Occasionally, small objects and articles of clothing can get caught in drain pumps, thereby causing a clog that prevents the water from being drained from the washer.

To remedy this situation: first, remove the drain pump and check for any obstructions. If there are none, then replace the drain pump.

Kenmore Stack Washer Dryer Troubleshooting

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