Kenmore Refrigerator Light Not Working

Kenmore Refrigerator Light Not Working. The refrigerator is working normally overall, such as cooling in the fridge and freezing in the freezer.

However, you discover that some or all of your refrigerator lights won’t turn on. This may be the result of a faulty bulb. Although this may seem like a basic fix, sometimes there are other factors involved.

Kenmore Refrigerator Light Not Workingkenmore refrigerator light not working

The assembly might be defective. You’ll notice that the light socket is misaligned. The excess wave movement of the plastic has obviously unsettled the placement of the screws in this instance.

You should replace any component that shows indicators of being faulty in the first place, regardless of what it may or may not seem to express at face value.

Light Bulb Check

The fix may be as simple as replacing the light bulb in the refrigerator. However, use the proper wattage for your refrigerator model just as one would check their eyesight after a change of spectacles. Otherwise, you may find yourself not being able to see things clearly.

Light Board Issuelight board issue

If everything else is working properly, but the light is not coming on, first check to see if the bulb has burned out.

If so, replace it with a new one with the same voltage rating. If the new bulb does not turn on either, there may be something wrong with the light board itself, which would require you to replace it.

Switch Problem

In the absence of a solution, it is likely that a malfunctioning door switch is causing the overhead light to fail. By pressing and releasing the lever located in the frame of the door, you can open and examine it with your eyes.

Sometimes these buttons can become stuck after dirt or dust accumulates and making them difficult to slide. Usually, this switch can be pried out using a thin knife or flat-head screwdriver.

It is usually connected with two wires that can be unplugged easily. Once the new problem fixer is securely installed, purchase the new replacement specified by the manufacturer and reconnect both wires to their original sockets.

Deffective Light Bulb Socket

Make sure that the bulb socket is not damaged before replacing the light bulb. You can check this by looking for discolored or bent terminals, wire damage, loose contacts, or any other type of damage that might compromise your fasteners’ connection with your refrigerator’s energy supply (whether it’s on or switched off).

If you need to replace or check the lightbulb in your fridge, turn off the power at the main before proceeding.

Light Assembly Cause

It is possible that the light assembly is defective. Many manufacturers do not sell the light assembly components separately but instead require you to purchase the entire product.

Faulty Door Switchfaulty door switch

When troubleshooting a faulty lock, one must use a multimeter to test whether the door switch is in working order. If it is non-operational when tested, then remove it and replace it with a new unit.

 Electrical Outlet Fail

Outlets and wall receptacles can sometimes fail for a number of reasons. The main reason is that the wires have either worn down over time or have just become too old for the devices attached to them.

In this case, one should replace the outlet or wall receptacle. To determine if your outlet is bad, use a non-contact tester so that you do not shock yourself.

Power cord damaged

The power cords on refrigerators can become damaged or frayed, which interrupts the flow of electricity. In that case, you may wish to have an electrician replace the cord for you if it is still under warranty.

The circuit breaker tripped

A refrigerator’s circuit breaker controls the power to the refrigerator. When a short-circuit or overload occurs, the circuit breaker can trip, shutting off the circuit that is supplying power to the appliance.

This is not likely to be a serious problem, though it might require changing or resetting the circuit breaker in your main electric break box.

If you have more than one electrical device drawing power from that same circuit, you might need to ask an electrician to increase the capacity of the circuit, so it does not get overloaded.

The second trip of your circuit breaker may signify a short circuit more severely, requiring the help of an electrician.

Final Thoughts

Kenmore Refrigerator Light Not Working. Kenmore refrigerator lights can develop problems, but they are usually easy to fix. You should always unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet or trip the circuit breaker whenever you need to work on the light.

It prevents electrocutions. When you fix them, and the problem continues, contact Kenmore for assistance and report the problem.

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