Kenmore refrigerator ice dispenser not working

Kenmore refrigerator ice dispenser not working. When you’re having problems with your refrigerator’s ice dispenser, it may be due to a simple defect. This problem can be solved by simply replacing the defective component.

The first step to take when troubleshooting any refrigerator component is to test either a heating or cooling element that doesn’t appear to be working properly.

If the part doesn’t work, then the repair will involve replacement of broken parts and wires only. In this post we’ll cover all the possible common dispenser defects and their solutions:

Kenmore refrigerator ice dispenser not working

Here we will discuss some common issues and solutions.

Auger Motor Failure

An auger motor rotates the chute’s outlet spout to dispense ice. If the auger motor is defective, ice won’t exit properly by dispensing through the chute’s holes.auger motor failure

To troubleshoot the auger motor, pull out the bucket and rotate its knurled shaft by hand. If no resistance is felt, check for continuity with a multimeter. If continuity exists but the auger motor still doesn’t work replace it.

Defective Solenoid Of Dispenser

The dispenser solenoid will open a door flap to release the ice and then close the door flap once it’s done. If this part is defective, then one may not be able to open their dispenser properly.

In order to determine whether this part is indeed malfunctioning, you should use a multimeter tester in order to test it for continuity; if there isn’t any, then you will have to replace the dispenser solenoid right away.

One can also check the function of the actuator pin as well; if movement across it does not appear smooth and complete, then one has to either clean or replace it all together.

Control Board Problem

When the control board for a retail store’s beverage dispenser system malfunctions, it may stop providing power to the entire dispenser system, leading to malfunctioning of any and all dispensers.

However, if only one part of the dispenser is malfunctioning, it is more likely that this individual compartment or pump has stopped operating than that the control board itself is broken.

After testing each step in the dispenser’s process, from power input to the pump outlet. If no fault is found with these function points and there are still no signs of a problem being present in the control board, it can be concluded that this piece is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Switch Problems

The dispenser switches supply voltage to the dispenser. If a switch is broken or defective, the dispenser will not work. Use a multimeter to confirm continuity across each switch and replace any switches that do not have continuity.

Faulty Crusher Bladefaulty crusher blade

When dealing with ice that is frozen hard, poor quality, or too large of a piece, the blades will get jammed. To fix this, remove the cover and use warm water to soften up some (but not all) of the ice.

Ice Bucket Auger Defects

When the lever attached to the dispense side is pressed, it causes the Ice bucket auger to turn. The turning auger in turn moves ice from the compartment and pushes it up the chute by using centrifugal force.

Impaired operation of this mechanism typically means broken parts somewhere within.

Try inspecting the functioning liner on top first for structural integrity and mechanical fault – a faulty one will not be able to push ice out through the opening any more than practically anything else wrong with it or connected to it like an unhinged side plate, or over-frozen content obstructing its track, etc.

If all signs point to catastrophic failure – replace immediately.

Problem With Door Motor

The dispenser door motor is what opens and closes the dispenser’s door in the refrigerator. If this part is defective, it won’t open; thus, allowing cold air to escape. Your ice will not dispense because there is no opening for it to go through.

The first thing you need to do if your motor isn’t working properly determines whether or not your motor has power. If your motor is getting power but simply doesn’t run at all, then you can replace your motor.

You may use a multimeter to test the continuity of your motor. If the dispenser door does not have continuity, then you should consider replacing it.

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