Kenmore Refrigerator Ice And Water Dispenser Not Working

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice And Water Dispenser Not Working. Refrigerator not dispensing water or ice: The most common problems with the refrigerator dispenser are either ice or water not being dispensed.

When walking through the kitchen, it’s important to check any parts that might have been damaged by an accident as there are many parts of a Kenmore refrigerator that can cause both of these issues.

Components such as the dispenser and sensor can’t communicate if uprights are not opening properly. Others could cause the compressor to fail, preventing any refrigerant from getting into your system.

We’ve listed all the areas inside your refrigerator that could interfere with or prevent water or ice from dispensing. Check each section of your Kenmore refrigerator to troubleshoot what might be wrong.

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice And Water Dispenser Not Workingrefrigerator ice and water dispenser not working

This article discusses some problems with Kenmore Refrigerator Ice and Water Dispenser when it doesn’t work.

Defective Main Control Board

The main control board is likely not the cause of your problem. Dispenser components are almost always to blame before it gets brought up to the board itself.

Make sure that all the dispenser parts are in good working order, and if they aren’t, replace them.

If components everywhere else are working correctly, then you’ve reached a faulty point on your main control board.

Filter Faultfilter fault

If your fridge has a filter in-line with the ice and water dispenser, it can get clogged. Perhaps you have neglected to change it for a longer period of time, or perhaps you’ve never changed it at all.

Not only will you not be able to enjoy running water from your tap, but don’t be surprised when there is no coolness coming from inside the fridge either. Fortunately, it’s typically a simple fix.

Most filters are visible inside the fridge Simply unscrew the old one and twist in the new one; some filters require immersion in a glass of water before installing to activate the charcoal filter.

Also, many new filters require pumping several glasses of water through the system before drinking one.

Issue With Door Switch

An important part of the ice and water dispenser in a refrigerator is called the door switch. When the refrigerator door is shut, it completes or closes the circuit to keep power from flowing to the motor that dispenses ice or water.

If this circuit is interrupted or breaks, it may result in no dispensing taking place. Use a multimeter to check for continuity when testing this switch.

If there is not an indication of continuity, replace the defective door switch with a new one.

Though door switches can sometimes be repaired instead of replaced depending on what exactly does not work, a replacement works just as well most of the time for safety purposes.

Problem With Dispenser Switchproblem with dispenser switch

The dispenser switches that control the dispenser must be switched on in order for the dispenser to work. If any of these switches are not turned on, the dispenser will not work.

If any of these switches do not appear to turn on, you need to test their continuity from the backside of the switch using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, then you must replace the defective switch.

Control board For Dispensers

The dispenser control board is one of the most important components in a vending machine regardless of whether you’re running a soda or candy machine.

We thought that you might need a refresher on what the control board does and how it functions if something does not work.

Basically, the control board is in charge of everything related to vending a product, including pricing, inventory management, and even whether or not products can be refilled outside.

In some cases, only one piece of equipment may be faulty whereas other times, if everything’s out of whack, then as you know by now, more than likely it’s time to check up on all things mechanical.

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice And Water Dispenser Not Working

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