Kenmore Microwaves Troubleshooting

Kenmore Microwaves Troubleshooting. When you want a working and reliable appliance, the Kenmore brand offers many notable appliances such as microwaves. Having one of these in your home can prove to be very beneficial for any person looking for quick and hot meals at the ready.

However, over time certain problems may occur with this particular appliance, so it’s important that you call in an expert service technician to conduct a thorough diagnosis so as to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your appliance and instead, a little adjustment is all that’s needed. It could cost you less in the long run than buying a completely new appliance would have cost.

Kenmore Microwaves Troubleshooting

We will discuss some common problems with Kenmore microwaves here.

Kenmore Microwave Won’t Heat

kenmore microwave won't heat

The thermal fuse is designed to cut off power to the microwave if it overheats.

If the thermal fuse does not conduct electricity, it should be replaced. The thermal fuse cannot be reset.

If the Thermo protector trips the microwave overheats and will appear to have no power.

Test continuity of the Thermo protector to see if it has any voltage present. If not, you’ll need to replace it.

If the magnetron generates a frequency that heats up food in your microwave oven.

If the magnetron breaks or is burned out, your microwave may be unable to produce heat at all or continue producing heat at a very slow pace.

There is no repair for a magnetron nor can it be replaced with another type of generator since they are made specifically for microwaves.

Kenmore Microwave Won’t Work

If the microwave is too hot, the Thermo protector trips to cut off voltage to the microwave.

To determine if the Thermo protector is at fault check that it has continuity with a multimeter. If it doesn’t have continuity you must replace it.

If the thermal fuse cuts off power to the microwave if the microwave overheats. To determine if this has happened look for continuity on your multimeter; when there isn’t any, replace it.

If the main control board might be defective but very rarely are these parts actually bad and just need fuses replaced or reset etc.

Control boards are often diagnosed as defective when all other components are working correctly so searching for problem areas in other parts of the microwave definitely worth doing in this case.

Kenmore Microwave Door Doesn’t Open

The handle enclosure is a part that connects the door’s open button to the latch. It’s made of plastic and may break over time. If it needs replacing, do so.

If the opener button may be faulty; replace it if you notice it’s broken or if anything else is conceivably wrong with the door mechanism or with the mechanism in contact with it.

If the door hook engages with the latch and keeps the door closed while in use. It too can easily wear out over time, which might cause a problem to arise in its function or downright stop it from working at all.

So make sure that this crucial part doesn’t run into any problems by either checking regularly for signs of wear or testing that all works well.

Kenmore Microwave Is Noisy Or Loud

kenmore microwave is noisy or loud

In order to determine if the turntable motor is defective, check to see if the device has power. If the motor doesn’t have power, it may need replacement.

If the stirrer motor is faulty, check to see that voltage is reaching the motor.

If there’s no voltage reaching the stirrer but there’s noise or it won’t turn, then we suggest you replace it immediately.

In case of Motor failure issues related to the fan, remove the fan from the inside the microwave and try spinning its blades by hand. If it’s not spinning freely then might need replacement.

Kenmore Microwaves Troubleshooting

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