Kenmore dishwasher not filling with water

Kenmore dishwasher not filling with water. Your dishwasher is likely to make some distinctive noises to indicate that it is working.

If the water does not fill then your dishwasher isn’t being brought up to the correct temperature, you may notice some abnormal sounds coming from inside the machine that sounds like a hose that is squeezed in and out.

This article contains a list of potential issues that might have arisen due to poor or insufficient water pressure and the steps you can take to try on your own before calling in a professional plumber.

Kenmore dishwasher not filling with water

kenmore dishwasher not filling with water

There are a number of factors that can cause your Kenmore dishwasher not to fill with water.

The first possibility is that the inlet valve or solenoid is broken, blocked, or defective.

If the inlet valve sticks open, it will let water from your house’s water supply constantly enter and run through your unit.

As far as your drain is concerned, if things have been backed up for an extended period of time then you may notice some mold on the inside of the door.

I will explain below how these components are causing problems with your dishwasher.

Defective Water Inlet Valve

Water enters the dishwasher through the water inlet valve, but if the valve is defective or clogged, no water will flow into the dishwasher.

While a new water inlet valve will not solve the problem of a clogged one, it must be replaced if it is defective.

Faulty Float Switch

The float switch is the device that determines whether an appliance like a dishwasher is working correctly or not. The switch can malfunction in any way, causing your appliance to malfunction.

The float switch needs to be correctly aligned both horizontally and vertically so that it works as intended.

Water Supply issue

Calcium deposits can build up inside the dishwasher’s water inlet valve or on its mesh filter screen over time. These deposits may need to be cleaned occasionally.

Shut off the water supply first. If the valve is clogged with calcium or other sediments, inspect it.

If so, you will have to clean the valve manually. Be sure to inspect your household water pressure: it should be at least 20 psi for the proper functionality of the inlet valve.

How do I reset my Kenmore dishwasher?
To reset the generic dishwasher so that it does not shut off during the wash/rinse cycle, press the Duration button once to turn on duration options and again to select Normal, then press the heated dry button, then press the Auto Wash button.
The dishwasher will automatically begin a test run of a twelve-minute Normal cycle with Heat Dry turned on.
How can I tell if the inlet valve on my dishwasher is bad?
When the inlet valve is malfunctioning, the dishwasher leaks when it is not running fills slowly when it is running, or does not fill at all.
Even after you turn off the machine, the water should keep flowing into the washer. A problem with the inlet valve may also lead to leaks outside the machine, so this must be examined immediately.
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