Kenmore dishwasher buttons not working

Kenmore dishwasher buttons not working. Kenmore dishwashers come with many options, such as multiple cycle options, an optical water sensor, a triple wash filtration system, a turbo wash zone with an ultra-feed tube, and pressurized spray nozzles.

Users have the option of setting up their own cycle on the computerized control panel.

It could be that some of the buttons aren’t responding correctly because, and this is quite common, the touchpad might be faulty, or it could simply be misaligned (either physically or electrically).

Kenmore dishwasher buttons not workingkenmore dishwasher buttons not working 2022

If the display is still working, try pressing some of the touchpad buttons. You may have a faulty touchpad if some of the buttons do not work, but others do. Here are some common causes and fixes.

Defective Touchpad

First, confirm that the dishwasher display is working. Press some of the touchpad buttons to see if the display works. The touchpad is likely to be at fault when some buttons respond correctly, but others do not.

You will need to take apart the equipment and replace just the touchpad if you cannot purchase this item individually.

If replacing, it requires you to purchase a control panel as well in order for it to work, so be sure to check when you get your replacement part in-store before purchasing.

Faulty Main Control Board

The main control board is in charge of a multitude of functions within your dishwasher to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If the main control board isn’t working properly, it could be sending the dishwasher touchpad the wrong voltage so that it does not receive any instructions about what button is being touched.

Most times, when you have an issue with your dishwasher’s main control board, it’s usually one of the other components of your dishwasher that is to blame for malfunctioning.

Before replacing the main control board, make sure you check to see if there aren’t any other parts malfunctioning.

Problem with Control Lock

The control panel lock will prevent kids or others from making use of the dishwasher unless it is supervised. This control lock will disable the touchpad so that no one can use the controls.

The control lock light will turn off after three seconds when you press and hold “Control Lock.” To enable it again, just repeat this process, and you will be able to use the touchpad once more.

Contaminants such as dirt or debris

The touchpad may not function if it becomes dirty or sticky. A damp cloth can be used to clean the touchpad.

It is recommended that you wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth to prevent dust and other particles from getting trapped under it.

To prevent contaminants from hardening or adhering to the touchpad, wipe off any food debris left on it with clean hands.

The cycle is in progress

If the dishwasher is in a wash cycle and the touchpad does not respond, the touchpad will not operate during the cycle. The touch controls will be re-enabled once the washing cycle ends.

In order to change a dishwashing cycle in progress or at any time, if there is no response from the touchpad, press “Cancel/Drain” once until the light illuminates.

This is a cancellation function, allowing one to stop a running dishwasher process before it completes.

If there was no cancel effort made prior to starting a wash cycle or if it happened already, energy and water may have been spent on unnecessary washing, thus failing to meet minimum environmental standards for resource conservation. We recommend conducting special cycles such as sanitizing as needed.

“Reset” your dishwasher

The touchpad on your dishwasher may not be working if the panel itself is defective. Attempt to reset the panel to see if this solves the issue (it may have tripped a relay or formed a bad connection of some sort).

Wait 30 seconds before reconnecting your dishwasher after connecting it to the electrical power. Please customer service department if you are unable to resolve your problem through these simple steps.

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