Ice dispenser not working

Ice dispenser not working. If your refrigerator doesn’t have its water dispenser working, it may be because the water lines that run along the back are in poor condition.

These tubes must be kept clear of kinks and other breaks for water to flow freely out of the device’s nozzle.

If not dealt with promptly, this issue will continue to cause you problems, so you should either hire a professional or learn how to fix it yourself with our handy guide.

Ice dispenser not workingice dispenser not working

Ice dispenser not working. Common causes of the ice machine not working include the water line freezing and clogging the mechanism or a filter becoming clogged.

To fix either of those issues, look for a water filter in your refrigerator to unplug it.

Faulty Dispenser Switch

The switches on the dispenser send voltage from the power supply to the dispenser unit.

If none of these switches is functional, the dispenser will not work. To determine if a switch is broken, use a multimeter to test for continuity across that switch; if there is no continuity, it must be replaced.

 Control Board Issue

The dispenser control board is the part responsible for regulating most of the functions of the dispensing system.

If this specific part is damaged or does not work correctly, it may stop supplying power to all components of your dispensing system.

Testing each individual part first before moving on to other parts will help you figure out which one needs replacing first.

If one or multiple parts are not working at all, it’s more likely that the entire dispenser system has been damaged.

However, if only certain aspects are malfunctioning but not your entire system, then there’s a higher chance that something might be wrong with its controller.

Faulty Solenoid

The dispenser solenoid opens the flap of the dispenser door and then closes it back once the ice has been dispensed. If the dispenser solenoid malfunctioning, a customer will be unable to retrieve ice.

To confirm if the issue lies with the dispenser door solenoid, use a multimeter to test whether or not there is continuity when testing it.

In addition, check that the pin or actuator itself can move without obstruction, as this would cause an error as well.

In conclusion, if there does happen to be no continuity in the dispenser solenoid, or if there is an obstruction in the movement of the actuator pin, replace the dispenser bottom flap.

 Auger is defective auger is defective

When you go to dispense ice from your dispenser, the auger motor is activated and turns the auger away from the dispenser.

As a result, the ice inside rotates upward as it moves toward the dispenser door and down into the chute.

If the gears inside of the auger are broken or disconnected, then the auger won’t be able to rotate at all, which means that ice won’t flow properly either.

Check to see if there are any parts inside of the gearbox or outside of the gearbox that might be broken or not aligned with one another. If that is found to be true, you will want to try replacing those different pieces.

Actuator might be broken

The dispenser actuator is the device that interacts precisely and communicates with it. And it is connected to the dispenser switches, which power every aspect of the dispenser.

If something is not working as usual in the device, you need to examine your dispenser actuator if there is any damage, change it.

Ice Crusher Blade might be crashed

A simple way to handle a clogged ice crusher is by not putting ice in it. Make sure that the removable crusher blades are clear of any debris to make them easy to disassemble and wash after removing the frozen chunks.

If they’re bent or broken, you may want to consider buying new blades along with a new unit if needed because replacements can be hard to come by, depending on the model and brand of your ice crusher.

Defective Dispenser Door Motor

The dispenser motor holds the door open in case of a power outage so that you don’t lose all of the ice that is built up in your machine. If the motor has quit running, this may be caused by something as simple as a dead battery inside of it.

Make sure to unplug the machine first because when testing for voltage, there will most certainly be a large spark inside the machine, which could cause serious damage to whatever you are using to test.

If the motor does not have full power and it’s causing an issue with opening or holding the door open it should be replaced in order to get your machine working properly again.

Ice dispenser not working

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