Husqvarna Snowblower Only One Auger Turns

Husqvarna Snowblower Only One Auger Turns. Some Husqvarna snowblowers experience no auger rotation when they start up in the morning. This typically occurs after warm periods where the machine sat outside all day or night.

If a snowblower no longer starts properly in the morning, you may have a broken shear bolt holding the axle sleeve to the axle shaft. Look at the shear bolt to determine if it is missing, broken, or burnt out.

Husqvarna Snowblower Only One Auger Turns

husqvarna snowblower only one auger turns

Husqvarna Snowblowers only have one turning gear on them. This mechanism is a metal bolt that turns through the auger blade axle sleeve, locking the sleeve’s position with the snowblower’s auger drive axle.

If this turning gear breaks or gets damaged, then the snowblower’s auger will be unable to pass through it and turn. Inspect the turning gear to determine if it has broken or not.

Here we discuss some problems with Husqvarna snowblowers with only one auger.

Issue With Gearbox

issue with gearbox

The gearbox might not be working. The gearbox is located between the two halves of the auger.

This gearbox has three shafts one shaft connects to the drive system, and the other two power the two halves of the auger.

If the drive system is powering the main shaft and all of your shear pins are intact but, unfortunately, neither half of your auger is rotating, then it’s time to check out your gearbox for damage.

Assembly Of Augers

First, remove and check the shear pins. If you find that they are broken or damaged in any way, replace them. Next, check the auger blades.

If the auger blades are bent or damaged, replace them. Lastly, if the entire auger assembly is worn out and no longer performing up to par, it’s time to say goodbye and move on to better things.

Defective Shear Pin

The shear pin is a metal pin that slides through the auger axle sleeve, locking its position with the auger drive axle.

If the auger hits a rock or chunk of ice, the shear pin breaks in half to prevent damage. If this happens, the auger won’t be able to turn, which means it won’t be able to move material.

Inspect the shear pin to determine if it is intact. If it is no longer present, replace it with a new one so that you can move wood again.

Faulty Auger Cable

When the auger drive cable is engaged, it will work with the control lever to help spin the augers and move snow.

If your auger drive cable has been stretched or damaged, then the blower won’t be able to turn any snow.

In some cases, your auger drive cable can be tightened if it’s already been stretched, so it’s worth giving that a try first.

However, if the cable is bent or broken, then a new one will need to be put in for the snowblower to work again.

Bearings Malfunction

Your snow blower’s bearings make up the axle of your system. In turn, these bearings play an important role in keeping the shaft moving by allowing for free rotation within the housing that houses it.

If your bearings are to become worn down, loose, or otherwise corroded, the auger may not rotate as smoothly as before, and they will need to be adjusted or replaced so that they can continue playing their part in keeping everything else moving smoothly and safely.

Shear Bolt Failure

shear bolt failure

The shear bolt is a metal bolt that slides through the auger axle, securing it in place with the auger drive axle.

The shear bolts are designed to break in half if the auger hits a rock or large blocks of ice in order to prevent damage to the engine.

If you encounter a result where your sheer bolts don’t sustain much damage during such an incident but now your auger has subsequently stopped working, you may have encountered an issue with that specific bolt.

Inspect your new replacement piece carefully and make sure there isn’t another problem prompting this scenario.

Husqvarna Snowblower Only One Auger Turns

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