How To Wash Knitted Blanket

How To Wash Knitted Blanket. Washing your knitted blanket is not the same as doing the laundry. There are specific ways to do things so that it doesn’t become broken and frayed.

First off, any more delicate fabrics should only be washed by hand. Other textiles can be turned inside out and set up on a gentle cycle using cold water; hang to dry. And finally, always make sure you read the care label.

How To Wash Knitted Blanketwash knitted blanket

Pour a tub of never-hot water (or cold if you want to be fancy). Add enough soap to create suds. Swirl that around your blanket as best you can, getting suds all over it until it feels sufficiently soapy, then let it sit for about 20 minutes.

The following is a guide on washing knitted blankets.

Step 1

You should determine the sort of fiber that the blanket is composed of in order to get the cleanest knitted blanket possible.

Natural materials, such as alpacas should be hand-washed, although cashmere and wool yarn may be machine washed in cold water with low heat.

Keep in mind that your yarn’s label will always provide precise care and treatment instructions to follow.

Step 2

It’s best to hand-wash knit blankets, as the machine can be too harsh with them. This is because you need to handle the blankets very gently in order to avoid ruining the fibers.

These blankets don’t even necessarily need to be washed frequently, as long as they aren’t accumulating dirt or smells.

However, when they are being washed, use cold water and a mild detergent. Bleach or cleaners that contain alcohol can both ruin the texture of the blanket, so avoid these at all costs if possible!

Don’t use fabric softeners on your knit blankets either white vinegar diluted in water can do a good job at softening the material instead if needed.

Step 3

Soak the crocheted knit blanket in warm water with a little soap and stir it around. This will allow the soap to permeate the fibers and completely clean the knit blanket.

If you agitate or wring the knit blanket like you would a piece of clothing, it will expand out of shape.

Keep other objects apart from your knitted blanket when washing it to avoid staining it with color, dirt, or odors that might irritate delicate skin.

Remove the soapy water after five minutes and refill it with clean water. Rinse your crocheted knit blanket again and again until there are no soap residues left.


What are the best ways to wash a homemade knit blanket?

When wool products are 100 percent traditional, hand washing is the best option. “For classic designs knit in a single strand or various yarns that haven’t been felted together first, cold water is preferable,” Weil recommends.

When washing wool by hand, don’t agitate, wring, or mangle it. Using a ringer, gently squeeze out any excess liquid and lay flat to dry.”

When a blanket is soaked, how do you dry it?

To help dry blankets that get soaked in the wash, you can place them in your washing machine on a spin cycle which causes most of the soaking water to rush out.

Once it is merely damp, you can then put it in your dryer or hang it up outside so as not to waste time waiting for a considerable amount of dampness to evaporate.

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