How to use zote soap

How to use zote soap. It’s been in use since the 1920s and it can be found in many homes all across the US to this day.

The soap is made by hand and contains natural ingredients such as citronella, coconut oil, and animal fat transformed into tallow.

The bar of soap also has a bleaching ingredient that’s color-safe in order to brighten clothing without compromising any fabric. Even though Zote Soap was originally designed to be handed down from person to person.

It still remains a popular cleaner today amongst more modern households who still keep using it. Now let’s take a look at how you can use Zote Soap for various different applications.

How to use zote soap

how to use zote soap

Put on rubber gloves and place the stained clothing in a basin of warm water. Apply laundry detergent directly to the affected area and scrub gently until the stain begins to break down, but be careful not to scrub too hard as you try to remove it.

Wash the clothing with a knitted washboard. Put your clothes in a large basin of cold water until all traces of soapy water have been rinsed away.

Hang your garment outside in direct sunlight and allow it to dry completely before wearing it again. Here are some different ways you can use Zote Soap.

Using Zote as Fabric Softener

Zote soap is a much softer fabric alternative to the harsh chemicals found in most commercial brands of laundry soaps. They’re commonly sold in small 3.5-ounce bars, which are rough and hard to break down into smaller pieces.

So, here’s a safe way to use Zote in your washing machine: Take an old stocking or any kind of soft material with enough room in it for one bar of the soap, and cut a small piece off the bar with scissors.

Put that piece inside of your fabric bag and then tie it off at the end when you’ve got about 3/4 inch left over after tying.

Drop this special laundry addition in your washing machine during its final rinse cycle as usual, but don’t forget to get it out from the middle of all your clothing before drying.

Put it in the Washing Machine as a Powder

As a laundry detergent, Zote can replace your more traditional choice of soap. In order to start washing your laundry with Zote soap, however, it must be ground into a powder form first. This is easier than it might sound.

Take the bar of Zote and grate bits of it into a container until you have created a large amount of Zote powder.

For every bar of Zote soap you now have in the container, mix in half a cup of soda ash and half a cup of borax.

Poof, you’ve just made homemade scrubbing power for double duty on dirt stains. To use this as if you were washing your clothes normally, add two heaping spoons per load when you place the dirty laundry inside the machine or washer.

You can use Zote as Catfish Bait

Zote’s catfish don’t even stand a chance against the power of Zote. Out-smart your prey with this powerful soap that acts as an irresistibly strong and pungent flavor enhancer.

Imagine adding it to your arsenal to lure in those who disrupt or overstay their welcome. Now invite them over to enjoy some grub, but don’t be surprised if they never want to move again!.

To prepare the zesty snack, mix 1 package of 14 oz. Zote with 1/4 cup hot water. Stir continuously until completely mixed.

Coat your bait in razor-like slashes from fresh, finely ground garlic (4 cloves), then add bacon grease for extra flavor and gluttony.

Mix well over low heat until thoroughly melted. Finalize with a 4 lb can of slow-moving prey of choice and serve chilled on ice for best consumption results.

Use Zote Soap when Gardening

Unilever’s Zote soap is a great tool for household use, but gardeners can benefit from it as well. Gardening requires a fair amount of manual labor, and needless to say, the soil becomes ingrained on the skin.

Most gloves don’t do a good job of protecting hands from sweat or other substances, so it can be hard to get hands clean after gardening. Zote lets you keep your hands clean and dirty-free even as you’re working in the garden.

First layer pure Zote soap over your hands. Rub dry soap generously under fingernails and onto palms. Afterward, wash your hands thoroughly so that all the excess dirt is removed easily.

The next time you go outdoors remember the importance of avoiding dirt contamination:

Just coat your hands in dry Zote soap before doing yardwork so that any dirt that might get into cuts or scrapes isn’t transferred elsewhere.

Zote Soap is an effective Mosquito Repellent

Can Zote soap really be used as a mosquito repellent? It appears as though it might be, according to Simple Home.

As it turns out, citronella, the natural ingredient inside Zote soap bars, is known for being a bug-repellent that has been around for many years.

This means you can use this method to enjoy a relaxing evening outside without getting bitten by mosquitoes or other creepy crawlers.

You can also place some Zote bars at the end of your bed before going to sleep at night in order to keep pesky pests away while you’re sleeping.


There are a ton of ways to use Zote soap, nearly all of which were mentioned already.

As an everyday detergent, one can use it as a hand-washing liquid when traveling, in the kitchen and bathroom sinks and showers, and on dishes when short on dish soap.

Zote has been proven to be safe to use, so even though it’s basically just gooey melted-down natural ingredients, you’re still making sure your family is clean with as minimal effort as possible.

That’s why so many people still like to get their hands on some delicious-smelling pink suds.

How to use zote soap

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