How to use incense cones

Incense cones are used to add a pleasing haze of fragrance to an area, making it ideal for use during meditation and yoga practice.

By crumpling up bits of herb-infused powder into a scented oil, they give off pungent aromatic fragrances when lit.

However, not all incense cones are created equal there are a few best practices one should keep in mind in order to get the most out of their cone incense experience.

How to use incense cones

how to use incense cones

Light the tip of the cone with a lighter or match, and allow to burn for five to ten seconds. Then blow out the flame; allowing the smoldering ember behind.

Allow the cone to burn down about halfway before gently blowing it out. Incense cones will continue to produce smoke for around 30 minutes but may provide more fragrance than other kinds of incense.

Tools for Cone incense

  • Incense Cone
  • lighter or match
  • safe incense burner

A proper cone burner can either be a fancy, enclosed burner in the shape of fantasy creatures, balconies, and more or be a simple metal or clay platform to sit your incense cone on.

There are wooden incense cone burners available, but they often have a brass bottom to decrease flammability.

After placing your incense cone on your burner pointed-side up, light the very tip with either a lighter or a match.

Once the cone catches fire, let the top burn for 5 to 10 seconds before blowing (or fanning) the flame out.

If done properly, the top of the cone will still be lit, but no longer in flames. Your cone will start to smolder and burn into fragrant smoke. Incense cones tend to burn no longer than half an hour.

Incense Stick Tools

Incense stick

lighter or match

When smoking incense sticks, there is a myriad of different methods you can use. For example, attempting to stand the stickup or diagonally.

Many burners have holes in which the stick will fit, and others don’t so you’ll have to take that into consideration beforehand.

If your sand fills a small container with it turn the stick onto its side so that it sits in the sand.

This will both prop up your incense stick as well as provide a barrier between your container from receiving ash.

Once you have set up your stick incense, light up the end of it with a lighter or match. Let it burn for five to 10 seconds and then blow out the flame before allowing it to smolder on its own.

As with cone incense, you will want to let the cherry-colored tip glow in order to allow smoke to start escaping from within. If it doesn’t catch, don’t give up.

Reaching a state of zen as you meditate is often easier said than done which is why many can find themselves worn out faster than they would like.

Make sure you keep trying until you are able to successfully keep your incense lit until finished burning all the way down.

Stick incense typically burns for 20-30 minutes before stopping once the ash has been left behind and only the dried base remains.

Other Types of Incense

Besides cones and sticks, other types of incense are also made. These include incense coils, paper, and powder. Most commonly used in Chinese culture, incense coils are exactly what they sound like:

They are long, cylindrically wrapped sticks of fragrant material that can burn for hours to days depending on the size.

They’re typically used during religious ceremonies or just to perfume a room. Incense powders form ropes that can be burned over shallow dishes or tossed into an open flame individually.

Lastly, incense papers come in accordion shapes and they are lit and blown out much like cones or sticks.

No matter what the reason, burning incense requires basic materials and special care when it comes to lighters and matches.

If you plan on burning incense either inside or outside of the home, be sure to bring lighters and matches and always keep an eye on it; never leave anything unattended once lit.

How to use incense cones

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