How To Unlock A Deadbolt Without A Key

How To Unlock A Deadbolt Without A Key. For getting past a Deadbolt lock without a key, there are quite a few possibilities. It all depends on the present situation. If you are locked inside of your home, the best solution is to use bobby pins.

Bring two pins and insert the one at the bottom of the lock. Then insert the second pin towards the top of the lock.

After that, rotate the bottom hook and move the top pin accordingly to force open the bolt. In addition to that, there are several things which should be kept in mind while carrying out this method.

How To Unlock A Deadbolt Without A Keyunlock a deadbolt without a key

Unlocking a door without a key is simple with two bobby pins. Insert the closed end of one bobby pin into the bottom portion of the lock and then break the other end off into smaller pieces so as to move it more easily inside the lock. This method can also work with hairpins although they aren’t nearly as effective.

We discuss how to unlock a deadbolt without a key here.

Knife-Based Unlocking

A tool, like a knife, is vital in picking up the locks of doors. For the purpose of opening your own lock without using a key, you don’t have to use an exceedingly sharp-edged or thin blade because even a dull one works great as it reduces the chances of hurting yourself.

In case you have extra locks attached to the deadbolt, however, the knife won’t work for unlocking on its own that’s where a rotation wrench can be useful.

You may twist and turn it around to imitate the action of a key so that your lock opens up. It is also known as an imitator.

Using Credit Card To Unlock

When fastener bolts and simple knobs with slanted-lock or spring-lock mechanisms are used, credit cards are the perfect solution for unlocking fastener locks. slanted-latch or spring-latch mechanisms.

Slide your card into the vertical crack between the doorknob and doorframe. Now push your card far so that it makes a 90-degree angle to the door.

You should push the door back with your other hand as far as possible so that you can see the door frame easily. Once you have inserted the credit card, tilt it towards the doorknob.

Also, angle the side of your credit card so that it touches the door handle. The credit card will fit between the door handle and its frame this way.

Slide about an inch of the card beneath the slanted latch by angling the card the other way.

Do this repeatedly until you force that end up towards the rest of the latch, which will push it back out of place. Pushing back against the door with some extra pressure during this process can help propel everything back into place more quickly.

Using Bobby Pins to Unlockusing bobby pins to unlock

Take a bobby pin and bend the end in the shape of an L. Later, when you have successfully picked the lock, you can identify it with the pin. To pick the lock, use a razor blade to remove the rubber cap from the straight end of the pin.

When trying to pick a lock, insert your L-shaped pin into the top of your chosen lock, bent against the face of your door’s knob, so that you’ll know exactly where to put the pin when you attempt to pick it.

To disengage pins in the lock, this bent tip is used. Bend the wavy end of the pin at a 30-degree angle into a handle for greater ease, control, and comfort while picking the lock.

After bending, the curvy end of the pin should resemble a cup handle. Bend another bobby pin into a hook by bending it up to 1/3 its length.

It is important to ensure that both sides are bent in the same direction so you can set your tension properly.


Could a deadbolt lock be picked?

It’s quite easy to pick a deadbolt lock. In fact, you’re likely to replace your key locks with electronic ones when you discover how simple it is. This doesn’t mean that picking a deadbolt lock does not require skills or practice it still does but the technique is so easy that anybody can learn it.

Does there exist a master key for all locks?

The number of the key is the only way Master Lock can determine which key will open your lock without knowing the number of the key. In the world, there is only one master key that will unlock all the Master Locks that exist.

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