How to turn on ceiling fan without remote

How to turn on ceiling fan without remote. These are used to create a cool and comfortable atmosphere in your home especially during the hot months of summer.

But what’s even better about ceiling fans than the breezes that they generate, is that when you own one, you can skip buying an air conditioner as it already does both.

A fan that is directly connected to your light and can control not just the direction but also the speed of the fan has much more functionality than most people imagine.

For everything, there is to know about ceiling fans make sure you check out this article right here.

How to turn on ceiling fan without remote

how to turn on ceiling fan without remote

How to turn on ceiling fan without remote. Ceiling fans keep us cool and relaxed at home. It provides a steady stream of air to keep you cool or warm, and most importantly, it saves you from hefty electricity bills.

This is the latest in technology and style, but can it be operated without a remote? We’ll tell you here how.

First Step

You need a ladder and a tape measure. Before climbing the ladder, you might want to make sure the ladder is placed next to your ceiling fan so that you can stand beneath it while measuring out how long the spacers should be.

2nd Step

A link cord is an added accessory that hangs from your ceiling fan’s decorative casing. It usually has two cord locations: one that you can use to switch the light and one for the fan.

A link cord has an adjustable length, so you can just easily adjust its chain for whatever measurement you have gotten in Step 1.

A link cord is nickel-plated and made of rust-proof brass; it’s very durable to serve your need as well.

3rd Step

To begin installing a link cord on a pull switch, you need to push the end of it into the lug of the actuator’s shaft. Next line up the edges of the anchor plate and device switch.

Press them together with pliers for a more secure fit and then attach one side of the link cord to it using a link cord connector. Make sure that you lock the clasps on both sides to keep everything secured.

4th step

Start pulling the chains and activating the motor of the overhead fan. The speed of the fan can range from one to three, with one as the lowest and three as the highest speed.

Simply pull either two or three times, depending on how much air you want it to circulate – on that link cord. The fourth time is to switch off that overhead fan.

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