How to turn off a lawn mower

How to turn off a lawn mower. In case of emergency, mowers today have to kill switches/off buttons where they can be shut off.

Some older mowers do not have this feature, but you can turn it off quickly if you need to by tipping it onto its side or pulling the plug if it is electric.

When the mower is powered, the throttle supplies gas. To shut off the supply of gas, pinch the throttle between the thumb and finger.

How to turn off a lawn mower

how to turn off a lawn mower

You can turn off a lawnmower by simply stopping pushing it. You need to ensure that you are standing on level ground and that you are still as you move.

It is necessary to pull the throttle all the way down to the “Stop” position in order to turn the machine off completely.

Next, locate the spark plug wire and follow it from the throttle to where it enters your lawnmower’s motor.

You will be able to solve this problem with the following tips if your lawnmower sometimes will not shut off.


A lawn mower should be turned off. Set the lawn mower’s choke to full (manual or automatic); otherwise, the engine may stall due to too much fuel.

Remove the air filter cover if your mower doesn’t have a manual or automatic choke so that no air can enter the carburetor during starting.

By covering the mouth of the carburetor with a clean cloth, airflow is restricted and the engine is choked.

Gas Tap

Most gas-powered mowers will have a fuel tap, which usually lives beside the carburetor and when turned to the off position kills the flow of gasoline to the engine.

Turning the gas off won’t take effect right away, it may take a minute or two before the engine starts to stumble and eventually stall.

If you can’t find a hand crank to kill power, you may be able to stop fuel flowing to your carburetor by pinching the fuel line with something like pliers or vice grips.

Plug Wire

The plug wire is safe if you pull it with the right tools, which should be insulated.

Removing the plug wire from an electric mower is surprisingly easy for turning off the engine; these appliances make for quick work for DIY lovers.

Simply make use of an insulated tool, like one sporting plastic handles, to release the old plug wires from their ports without burning your fingers or shocking yourself in the process.

The new wiring should fit snugly into place after being carefully threaded into your mowing appliance but take note that sometimes wires can come loose because they are especially tight and may need a little assistance from you (twist-and-pull technique).

When putting them on for best results. Don’t forget to secure your mower by anchoring it down so it doesn’t roll away while you’re admiring your beautiful yard.

Find the spark plug wire

find the spark plug wire

Pushing lawnmowers is not recommended. Avoid standing on an incline when operating them. Turn off the machine when necessary. Locate the spark plug on the lawnmower.

From the gasoline tank to the lawnmower’s motor, gas should travel. You can remove this wire to prevent your lawnmower from accidentally starting and harming anyone using it.

Some other Causes

Wiring is the most common reason that a lawn mower will not shut off. During normal use, the blades are rubbing against objects such as fences or hedges and cause small portions of wiring to come to lose.

The most common areas where wiring becomes loose are near the flywheel brake or visual guard, but it could also be a loose connection elsewhere within the engine.

It’s typically nice to have someone familiar with soldering do repairs on these types of problems because being too handy or forceful can end up causing more damage than good.

The second most common cause of a lawnmower not shutting down is that its On / Off switch may be worn out or faulty and needs replacing.

How to turn off a lawn mower

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